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The Summit Isn't Enough

Five Questions to Reveal Your Values

I'll brag a little. I've hiked miles and miles of Montana trail. I've “bagged” enough peaks to lose count. I've navigated steep, grueling terrain for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of feet on end. Here's what I've learned: the view from the summit is amazing…but not amazing enough to continually return to the 3-5 hour grinding ascent without finding inherent meaning, purpose and fulfillment in it. My point: as you're climbing the mountains in your life, pause to ensure you're climbing the right ones. The climb is where you will spend your life's most valuable resources: your time, your energy and your attention. Define what success means for you. Don’t get to the corner office, the desired title, or the desired number of zeros in your salary only to find you were chasing status and achievements rather than your definition of meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling work. To avoid this dilemma, dive into the truths of your vision, your values, your vital signs and your virtues. These four cardinal directions will create a career compass that takes you to the right trails. You can start by identifying your core values. Narrow down to ten, then work towards five. Resource: Brene Brown Values Sheet. Questions to help identify what they are:

  • What do you own and why?

  • When short on time and money, what do you refuse to omit?

  • What activities and people energize you? Why?

  • What makes your blood boil?

  • What do you stand for?

The question I get every time I train on values: "Do you mean at work or in life?" You are one dynamic, integrated human. Part of getting to the right mountaintops is merging work, life and love into one true north via your calibrated compass. Your values are at the core of your being and don't shift based on circumstances. Your behaviors may shift, yes. But, your core beliefs, needs and motivations remain consistent across all contexts. And, they are a powerful tool to create a life filled with energy, connection and personal power.

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A Free Webinar On Identifying Your Virtues

Another cardinal direction of your career compass: your virtues. The positive habits, behaviors and strengths that support your highest self. Specifically, how you use them to move past limiting beliefs, blind spots and bad habits. I'm excited to share this free webinar as an introduction to the enneagram and how it can transform your limiting beliefs, patterns and blind spots into positive actions and results. Grab your spot and see you on June 4th at 12pm MDT (2pm EDT/11am PDT)! If you cannot attend live, replays will be sent to all registrants. Already registered? Share this and invite a friend to join in the learning!


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