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Living Your Mission for Lasting Impact
One person in one moment has the power to create permanent, positive change.
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Passion to Purpose: Living Your Mission for Lasting Impact

This session is for leaders and purpose-driven professionals committed to creating positive change in the world. Widespread impact doesn't happen in one fell swoop, it happens in small shifts. Just like real seismic activity in nature, lasting change happens one millimeter, one vibration, one rumble at a time. For anyone that has witnessed the beauty of mountain ranges, you have experienced how these seismic shifts in nature collect, collect, collect over time to create astounding results.


For humans, living and leading with a clear, passionate purpose will pave your path to lasting change with the same brand of seismic force and magnetic energy. This session will inspire participants to live and lead with more clarity and intention, and will teach participants  how to create a career vision/mission that empowers them to identify the tangible, daily moments they make seismic shifts for positive change. 


Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Offered via Zoom or in-person


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The world needs what you can create with your passions, values and talents.

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