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"Do I have what it takes to be a leader?"

This voiced reflection is a recurring theme for the clients who start working with me.

I'm here to tell you:

You have what it takes to be a confident, energetic and resilient leader.

Use 1:1 professional training and coaching to break through the most common barriers to thriving as you rise the leadership ranks.

Lead with your head high, heart open, and feet on the ground.
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Break through barriers to thriving as you rise the leadership ranks.
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The foundations for leading with
confidence, energy and resilience.

Breakthrough #1:

Own Your Unique Purpose, Values & Strengths

Lead with Confidence


Breakthrough #2:

Face Your Fears, Blind Spots & Bad Habits

Lead with Courage


Breakthrough #3:

Dissolve Drama with Conscious Communication

Lead with Clarity


Breakthrough #4:

Beat Loneliness with a Support Network that

Boosts Brainpower, Belonging and Bottom Line

Lead with Connection

Breakthrough #5:

Block Burnout with Habits that

Keep You Grounded, Gritty and Growing

Lead with Resilience


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Lead with confidence, energy and resilience.

This PROGRAM is for you if: are a newly promoted leader in the past 6-18 months are a business owner adding or scaling a team for the first time are a manager of people but have never had formal leadership training are excited to be in a new leadership role, but also feeling exhausted, lonely or anxious were a star performer and thought you were ready to lead, but you feel like a fish out of water're wondering things like "Do I have what it takes to lead?" or "I wonder if I'm really cut out for this."


Build Your Confidence

Learn how to lead with your unique purpose, values and strengths. Gallup has found that when leaders work aligned with their talents, they are 6x as likely to thrive at work.


Reclaim Your Energy

Thriving requires clear boundaries, expectations and needs. Learn the communication skills required to delegate, provide effective feedback and dissolve drama.


Boost Your Resilience

Leadership requires an infinite mindset. It's a practice to build not a game to win. Learn how to stay grounded, gritty and growing despite ever-changing circumstances and challenges.

This PROGRAM will: 

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Build the foundations of your leadership practice.

Enneagram Typing and Application

Each client will complete the Integrative Enneagram iEQ9 Professional Report and tap the wisdom of the Enneagram to minimize blind spots and expand their self-awareness

Five 60-Minute Zoom Coaching Sessions

Each client will receive private professional training and coaching via Zoom to build skills, solve problems and resolve challenges


On-Demand Support

Each client will have access to support between sessions via email for on-the-ground training and coaching

Five to Thrive Leadership Foundations Curriculum

Each client will receive monthly homework assignments that focus on building the five core skills of thriving: emotional intelligence, courage, communication, connection and resilience


Feedback on Professional Materials

Each client will have access to professional insights and feedback on presentations, proposals, stakeholder communications, etc.


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Tara, Director of Campus Dining:

"During my time as a new director in college and university food service, I would not have been as effective a leader without Whitney’s deeply present listening, understanding, and collaborative coaching approach. Working with Whitney has been one of the best decisions I've made.


She asked hard questions that stretched my thinking, perspective, and pushed me out of my comfort zone. Whitney challenged me to do the thing I least wanted to do at times but surely the thing that needed to be done.


Through evidenced-based study, Whitney provided thoughtful reflections as I faced situational hardship. I’ve learned a lot about myself, my tendencies, and my strengths and weaknesses through working with Whitney.


Her presence during this time in my life helped me formalize the leader I am; without her guidance and care for my wellbeing and success I would not be where I am today, one year in, still learning and thriving at the same time."

Lauren, Fitness Professional

"Whitney’s coaching has brought to light a self that I am proud of, that I respect, and that I can believe in. Whitney teaches me that trusting the best in me can be the default, not the exception. And she’s taught me what that trust looks like on a day-to-day basis. 

Over and over again, Whitney’s coaching teaches me to choose—and put my trust in—the best of me." 

Ashlee, Business Owner

"Coaching helped pull me out of a standstill. I’ve really improved upon my ability to show up as my best self consistently since I started working with Whitney, and that feels so good."

Earl, Director for Staff Experience and Culture

"Coaching helped me get unstuck. Whitney did a masterful job of asking powerful questions, and championed me, which helped me arrive where I needed to. She provided both a mix of challenge and support which enabled me to get out of my comfort zone and get into action." 

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Outside the five live 60-minute coaching sessions, this program requires devoted time and attention to completing homework assignments. Reflection and study between sessions is an essential part of learning and building a strong leadership foundation. Live sessions are typically scheduled every three weeks with 1-2 hours of homework in between.


Homework modalities can vary from journal prompt completion, daily actions to take, people to interview, articles to read, etc. Sessions and homework material are loaded a little more heavily in the beginning than towards the end. 

Lead with your head high, heart open and feet on the ground.

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