When Suffering Is Optional

Updated: Mar 18

The Results of High-Quality Brain Fuel

Disclaimer for mindset work: there's a big line between mindset work and trauma, oppression and gaslighting. Mindset work is about influencing and owning what you can control. Please note that anything regarding trauma, oppression or gaslighting is a separate category of mental health and not included in these discussions.

See the spine of that mountain range? ⬆️

There's a trail running race that navigates directly on top of it. Yes, serious. 19.62 miles of highly technical terrain, 7,080 feet of elevation gain (think 700 sets of stairs), and multiple max altitudes of 9,000+ feet.

And, for some reason unbeknownst to me, I decided it would be a great idea to subject myself to that brand of intentional discomfort and sign up. I mean, anything sounds like a good idea several months in advance while browsing race photos on the couch.

After the first mile, a painful reality that every athlete on competition day fears presented itself followed by two famous last words: