Gut Feelings...Fact or Fiction?

Why Leaders Need Intuition

An age-old question: “Are gut feelings legit?”

Here's what neuroscience has to say: your body is wildly intelligent.

⚡Your body has three centers of intelligence, each with a unique goal (put simply): head (data), heart (values), and gut (intuition);

⚡The mind processes information at 40 bits per second, but your gut (central nervous system) processes information at 11 million bits per second;

⚡Your body actually sends signals to your brain first, not the other way around.

Here's what I know for sure: the path to transformative impact as a leader will include situations that require intel beyond cognitive reasoning, hard data and technical knowledge. There will be (just to list a few!):

💥High stakes, high emotion conversations on sensitive topics;

💥Big, difficult decisions with no clear right or wrong;

💥High stakes, competitive job searches with no clear winner;

💥Innovative visions to implement with little to no precedent.

Tapping into intuition (Power Seven Success Skill #2), and the intel your whole body