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Gut Feelings...Fact or Fiction?

Why Leaders Need Intuition

An age-old question: “Are gut feelings legit?”

Here's what neuroscience has to say: your body is wildly intelligent.

⚡Your body has three centers of intelligence, each with a unique goal (put simply): head (data), heart (values), and gut (intuition);

⚡The mind processes information at 40 bits per second, but your gut (central nervous system) processes information at 11 million bits per second;

⚡Your body actually sends signals to your brain first, not the other way around.

Here's what I know for sure: the path to transformative impact as a leader will include situations that require intel beyond cognitive reasoning, hard data and technical knowledge. There will be (just to list a few!):

💥High stakes, high emotion conversations on sensitive topics;

💥Big, difficult decisions with no clear right or wrong;

💥High stakes, competitive job searches with no clear winner;

💥Innovative visions to implement with little to no precedent.

Tapping into intuition (Power Seven Success Skill #2), and the intel your whole body has to offer, adds a robust level of personal power to all that vulnerability. And, prevents spinning in circles of self-doubt, second guessing and energy-swiping over-analysis.

What I'm not saying: gut feeling is the only way to make decisions. What I am saying: when all else fails, I'm on the You-Should-Trust-Your-Gut Team.

How to Increase Your Intuition

Each person has unique body signals to notice, decode and trust. When you start to do it daily, you get real savvy about the right paths and people for you. The most effective tool I've found to build your intuition muscle is something Martha Beck (Oprah's life coach!) calls a “Body Compass.” This tool is a foundational element of what I can help leaders with in coaching. Check out new client offers and/or book a free consult to learn more!

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