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Boost Your Brainpower, Belonging and Bottom Line
Connection is the spark of energy we get from being seen, heard and valued.
Behind the Scenes: Kiewit Kiewomen Employee Resource Group Webinar, October 2022


Connection at Work: Boost Your Brainpower, Belonging and Bottom Line

Connection isn't just a warm, fuzzy extra in the workplace -- it's a science for boosting brainpower, belonging and bottom line.


Connection at work is essential to preventing byproducts of disconnection: burnout, isolation and disengagement (just to name a few).


In this session, participants will learn the neuroscience behind connection, what blocks it, and simple strategies to take action on right away to feel more engaged, supported and motivated at work.

Participants will learn simple shifts and hard stops that help them and others feel seen, heard and valued at work. Session can be offered as a 60-minute webinar or a 90-minute workshop.


Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Offered via Zoom or in-person


Investment: Submit form below to request quote.

Sessions include custom participant workbook.

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Connection generates the feelings that promote resilience, prevent burnout and buffer against stress.
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