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My Biggest Fear Last Year

Crowd out fear with the November Resilience Challenge.

At the end of October last year, I felt like I hit a resilience wall.

I was in the thick of trying to generate momentum in my new business and was up to my eyes in vulnerability fatigue. I couldn't seem to unhook myself from painful thoughts. The fearful (and kind of funny) one I remember most: "What if I'm like those people who audition on American Idol that don't know how bad they are?” (Lol 🫣) Then, in a silent moment away from work, I had an important realization: Fear will crowd out gratitude. That gratitude getting crowded out is essential to staying present, and staying present is essential to resilience. Gratitude was a habit I needed to strengthen in order to get through a challenging season, and I needed prompts that dug deeper than the standard “I'm thankful for ____.” In response to that insight, I decided to recommit to a gratitude habit and created a November challenge for myself: find 25 fresh and unique ways to bring gratitude into my awareness. The challenge recharged my resilience battery and gave me the oomph I needed to carry on. Whether you need a resilience boost or just want a fun challenge this November, I encourage you to take the same challenge. Finish all 25 prompts in November to increase resilience, improve connections and reduce stress levels. Download prompts and journal by clicking the image below. The instructions: each prompt will bring something to mind that you value. Once you get it in your awareness, write it down, pause and be grateful for it. Dwell on that gratitude fully for at least 30 seconds to get maximum benefit. I also encourage you to share what you find with others, especially when they are the subject of your gratefulness. I would love to hear about your experience. Share with me what you're learning as you go along by replying to this email or emailing me directly at

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