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Tips for Critical Feedback by Enneagram Type

Feedback Series (Pt. 3): Tips for Critical Feedback by Enneagram Type Learn feedback skills that hold others accountable, establish clear expectations, and coach others to optimal performance. See previous: Preview, Part 1, Part 2

One of the most useful tools clients have found in developing feedback skills is understanding the unique dynamics and needs of each Enneagram type. The Enneagram is a personality and professional growth tool that details the nine ways people are motivated. These core motivations not only drive the ways others think, feel and behave, but also influence how others receive and process information, cope with challenges and achieve goals. All key factors that influence the way you and others might give and receive critical feedback. Download the free guide Feedback by Enneagram Type. Even if you don't know your own type or the type of others, read through the document and notice what insights resonate with you and those you work with. The document is not intended to label you or others, but to provide language that might help you understand yourself and others with greater clarity. Tips for giving and receiving feedback by Enneagram type:

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