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Lessons from Italy on Acceptance

Thriving Leadership Inspirations from Travel

Italy is old. Like, literally ancient. Something we know fact-wise in America, but don't REALLY grasp until we experience it.

The cities are built around cobblestone streets that look like sidewalks, around Roman ruins and around buildings retrofitted for electricity. Everywhere you go, there is an air of acceptance:

"This is what we're working with. It has its limitations, but we do our best and that best will be enough. There's no tearing down ancient ruins, plazas created by famous artists or original Roman cobblestone streets because it doesn't suit current innovations. It's simply not practical, nor worth the time and resources."

An energy, I think, worth integrating. I strongly champion a growth-mindset. But, like with most things in life, everything must be held in the balance. Not every moment is a growth moment. Thriving leadership will require growth moments AND it will require acceptance moments.

✨ Which of your current challenges need to be accepted and fitted for current limitations in order to serve others and yourself best?

✨ Where will practicing acceptance, rather than always pursuing growth, contribute to greater thriving in your leadership practice?


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