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Something at work feels off. 

You might be feeling unmotivated, discouraged, exhausted, overwhelmed or full of doubt.  

But, you're not sure where to turn to make it better.

It could be that you're at a career crossroads and you're asking yourself:

What am I doing with my life?
What's next for me?
What's missing to make my career more fulfilling or more aligned with the lifestyle I want?

It could be that you've hit a point of stress and overwhelm at work where you know that:

You can't keep avoiding conflict. 
You need to start setting healthy boundaries.
You want to say no with confidence and clarity.
You need to get your workplace wellness in check. 

It could be that you're hitting roadblocks to taking your talents to the next level:

You've hit a plateau in your career growth.
Your role has become boring and monotonous.
Your career doesn't feel like it has any momentum.
You feel like you have more potential to fully tap.

No matter your situation, you know you want more meaning, motivation and mastery.

Thrive in your career with energy, confidence and resilience.

Use the Enneagram to increase your purpose, peace and performance at work.
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Enneagram at Work Coaching Package

1:1 Professional Coaching & Training

Five Month

Delivered via Zoom
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Use the wisdom of the Enneagram to:

Align Your Purpose to Your Work:

Identify your unique passions, values and strengths and align them to your career and desired lifestyle.  

Work with Energy


Boost Your Peace at Work:

Learn and apply communication, courage and conflict skills to establish healthy boundaries, expectations and feedback practices. 

Work with Resilience


Improve Your Performance at Work:

Claim your confidence, energize your daily habits and recharge your resilience battery to reach goals and to tap your full potential.

Work with Confidence


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Identify Your Enneagram Type

Each client will complete the 

Integrative Enneagram iEQ9 Professional Report (42 pages).


Calibrate Your Unique Career Compass

Each client will complete homework assignments that build a decision-making framework to support effective boundaries, habits and movement towards goals.


Apply the Enneagram to Professional Growth

Each client will learn how to use the Enneagram for continual improvement and growth at work.

Five 60-Minute Zoom Coaching Sessions

Each client will receive private professional training and coaching via Zoom to build skills, solve problems and resolve challenges.


On-Demand Support

Each client will have access to coaching between sessions via email for on-the-ground training and support.


Feedback on Professional Materials

Each client will have access to professional insights and feedback on presentations, proposals, stakeholder communications, etc.

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Work with confidence, energy and resilience.

This PROGRAM is for you if:

...You feel misaligned in your priorities, purpose and potential at work. 

...You're wondering: "What am I doing with my life? What's next for me?"

...You're done feeling stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out at work.
...You want improvement in your ability to communicate expectations, set boundaries and say no.

...You want clarity and confidence to give critical feedback and engage in difficult conversations.
...You want to navigate your workspaces with confidence, energy and resilience.

...You have big goals you want to reach and you want to tap the motivation to get there.

...You want to optimize your performance and work at the highest level you can.


Increase Your Confidence.

Confidence rises when you work aligned with your purpose, values and strengths. Gallup finds when your work is aligned with your strengths, you are 6x more likely to be thriving.


Boost Your Energy.

Clarity is the root of all motivation and meaning at work. When you're clear in what you want and what you're moving toward, you will feel more energized in work, life and leadership.


Charge Your Resilience.

Resilience is like a battery - the more charge you have going into challenges, the more capacity you have to thrive in them. Charge your battery by setting boundaries and nurturing wellness.

This Program will: 

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Learn the five barriers every rising leader must break through and how the Enneagram gives you the answer.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a powerful self-awareness and professional growth tool that details nine unique ways leaders think, feel and behave. Each type has a different core motivation and a distinct way of seeing the world. The types also detail nine authentic sets of leadership strengths, skillsets and approaches.


What makes the Enneagram different from other assessment is its emphasis on core motivation, rather than just behavior. It doesn't just show us what we habitually shows us WHY we do what we habitually do. If self-intelligence were a tree, the Enneagram educates what is at the roots, not just the branches. 


The more you understand yourself, the more you can understand the world and people around you. Improving your relationships, your work, your leadership and your life as a whole.

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Get a taste of what it's like to work
with Whitney and download:
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"Learning my enneagram was powerful because it allowed me to understand and harness my strengths. I’ve felt empowered in running my business. I am also taking the best care of myself by learning (slowly but surely) how to optimize my schedule.


Without understanding my enneagram number, I think I would still be stuck in my old mindset and not accomplishing a fraction of what I'm doing right now. 


By understanding my enneagram number, it was revealed to me that a blessing and curse of being the peacemaker is putting others first. I finally feel that I make decisions that serve me as well. I’m honestly so much happier, fulfilled, and productive."


 Learning my enneagram number has been powerful because it helped me navigate my emotions, thoughts and feelings, and served as a catalyst for my personal and professional growth. I can't say enough wonderful words about how coaching with Whitney has transformed my life and opened my heart. It has given me a new found confidence to be the light in the world I am meant to be." 


I generally don’t give much weight to career tests or personality tests because they feel limited and two-dimensional. I have been pleasantly surprised at how useful the Enneagram is.


For me, it’s a piece of Whitney’s coaching that helps point out emotional patterns and tendencies. It’s a tool that feels like it grows with me instead of just capturing my mood today (and, as a type 4, my moods change a lot!). 

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Outside the five live 60-minute coaching sessions, this program requires devoted time and attention to completing homework assignments. Reflection and study between sessions is an essential part of learning and building a strong leadership foundation. Live sessions are typically scheduled every three weeks with 1-2 hours of homework in between.


Homework modalities can vary from journal prompt completion, daily actions to take, people to interview, articles to read, etc. Sessions and homework material are loaded a little more heavily in the beginning than towards the end. 

Increase your purpose, peace and performance at work.

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About Whitney

Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan is a leadership coach, Enneagram practitioner, keynote speaker and team-builder. Her professional training and coaching business is designed to:

  • Help rising leaders break through barriers to thriving in their leadership practice;

  • Help any professional increase purpose, peace and performance at work;

  • Help teams use the Enneagram to positively influence their relationships, responsibilities and results.

With a background in leading fitness, wellness and student leadership programs in higher education, she has been a professional educator since 2012. Whitney's favorite moments in higher education were always when others stopped by her office and asked, "Hey, Whitney. Do you got a minute?" She loved the coaching conversations and mentorship moments that followed so much, that she opened her own business in 2021 in order to do it even more.


Whitney offers the coaching emerging leaders need to show up with clarity, confidence, and resilience as well as the coaching any ambitious professional needs to recharge their resilience batteries and create more work/life balance.

She currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband Tim, where she is also an avid reader, outdoor adventurer and cycling instructor.

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Use the Enneagram to increase your purpose, peace and performance at work.
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