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5 signs your passions might be changing

You might have been passionate about your current role once. But, passion and purpose are not static. They are dynamic --expanding and evolving over time.

Working aligned with your passions requires a sense of non-attachment. If you're not aware or accepting of how your passions might shift over time, it will leave you stuck and exhausted in a role no longer serving you or others.

When I left higher education after ten years, it was because my interests deepened. I wanted to spend more time directly invested in teaching, speaking and coaching. My role at the time was 80% fitness programming and 20% student/staff coaching. I was once more passionate about fitness, but after ten years, I wanted to be more directly involved in career coaching and leadership development.

That was the root of my love for fitness: human growth.

Reflect on your passions:

✨ What are your favorite activities at work?

✨ What about those things intrigue you most?

✨ What attachments do you need to let go of?

✨ What is always at the top of your to-do list? What is always at the bottom?

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