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Lessons from the Wilderness (Vol. 3)

You Can Do Hard Things

Each time I go backpacking, it's usually a short time into the grueling journey that I start asking myself:

"Why in the world do I walk uphill with heavy things and sleep in the woods with only a thin piece of material between me and grizzly bears...for fun?"

Since there is nothing getting between you and your thoughts during backpacking (other than heavy breathing), I always find myself coming up with the same answers:

✨ The unplugging

✨ The beauty

✨ The exercise

✨ The food

✨ The companionship

…AND, it’s a little scary. Especially this reason.

It’s important to do things (on purpose) that push your comfort zone time and again. The skills used to navigate a night in the wild are the same skills used to navigate uncertainty, exposure and risk in “real life.”

Each backpacking trip builds confidence that:

✨ I can do hard things

✨ I have the grit and strength to be a little uncomfortable

✨ Discomfort is always temporary

My dear reader: find ways to be uncomfortable on purpose on a regular basis. You can do hard things. All the grit and strength you need to navigate this world is already within you. Hard things help you activate that inner power.

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