Indifference Keeps Status Quo. Change Happens with Truth-Telling.

Silent Suffering Isn't a Sport

Your roommate is playing their music too loud. You can feel your blood pressure rising. But, instead of asking them to turn it down, you think “…it's okay, I'm fine.”

Your friend picked a pricey restaurant you're not stoked on. Panic about your bank balance settles into your chest. But, instead of suggesting another place, you say “…whatever you want is fine!”

Your partner is very late to your date…again. You feel anger constricting your throat to be waiting alone. But, when they called, you said “…it doesn't bother me, it's fine.”

Your body signals and emotions clearly communicated you had preferences, but instead of honoring your truth you chose to silently suffer.

Here's the deal: there's no awards for World's Greatest Silent Sufferer. Silent suffering isn't a sport. There's no prize for being the most "fine" of all the "I'm fine's" in order to appease others, avoid conflict and/or self-protect with indifference. Women especially have been cultured to wear "I'm fine" like it's a badge of honor, because heaven forbid they be “too emotional” or “too needy” or “too high maintenance” by communicating their needs and preferences.