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I would hate to admit... (by Enneagram type)

Purpose-driven professionals who make an impact speak their truth. Especially when that truth…

✨ Is in a high stakes moment.

✨ Challenges “optics” or status quo.

✨ Aligns with your values.

✨ Advances a cause you care about.

✨ Establishes a necessary boundary.

✨ Produces a productive conflict.

Being an effective communicator not only works on clarity of the message delivered, but also deepens awareness of blind spots that may get in the way of actually speaking when it matters most. The Enneagram can reveal obstacles each type may have to transparent communication. When you aren’t aware of truth blockers, it can lead to truth-editing rather than truth-telling. Truth-telling is like creating a large bulls-eye for yourself and others in terms of advocacy, boundaries, expectations and visions for the future. Truth-editing makes a smaller bulls-eye, making it more difficult for others (and yourself) to hit the mark. Frequently missing the mark in advocacy, boundaries, expectations and visions for the future will eventually lead to resentment, burnout, isolation and frequently getting stuck. The next time you know you need to speak your truth, reflect:

✨ Where might you be tempted to edit the truth? ✨ What is difficult for you to admit? Why? ✨ How can you use Enneagram type awareness to clear your truth-telling path from obstacles? Deepen your self-intelligence to strengthen your ability to make impact. Check out my free webinar replay below, and check out my Enneagram coaching packages. I'm now accepting new clients!

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