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End of Year Reflections + A Gift for You!

December is my favorite time of year.

I love the holidays, the lights, the music, the family time and the food (give me all the christmas cookies!).

I also love to reflect upon and celebrate the year's accomplishments, lessons learned and best memories.

My top three 2021 highlights:

  • Marrying my love and best friend, Tim.

  • Going full-time with my speaking, coaching and consulting business Whitney Sullivan Coaching, LLC.

  • Completing my Integrative Enneagram and University for Life Coaching certifications.

As a coach, my passion is asking powerful questions and supporting clients in taking action on the answers. Reflection, vision and meaningful action are key ingredients for leadership and career success.

As an end of year gift, I've created a simple guidebook with insightful prompts for 2021 reflection and 2022 vision. Download here or click photo below to access.

The simple framework inspires reflections on your successes and strengths; your consistency, commitment and resilience; and, your courage to let go of what no longer serves you. I've also included bonus reflection questions for folks who love to journal.

Passion and purpose are not static, they are dynamic. Taking time periodically to recalibrate your vision and to celebrate your wins builds energy, courage and clarity for the present moment and for the road ahead.

Use this guidebook to reflect, celebrate and commit more deeply to what gives you meaning, purpose and duty.

Sending my best energy to you all this holiday season!




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