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What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

"Well, Whitney...what legacy did you leave behind?"

Last Friday, October 1st, was my last day in higher education after a ten-year tenure. In our second to last meeting, my esteemed boss of seven years asked me this question. I told him I hope to have:

✨ Made a difference in the those I led, worked with, taught and mentored.

✨ Left my program in a better place than I found it.

✨ Been known as an innovative, creative problem-solver.

✨ Been known as someone who cared deeply, led with empathy, and inspired belief in what's possible (personally and professionally).

It's a powerful purpose question. Especially when you ask it before your next endeavor.

For me: what legacy will I leave behind as a coach, speaker and business owner? A couple stay essentially the same and a couple new ones:

✨ Help people live their best possible life.

✨ Create seismic shifts in the people I coach, lead, facilitate and educate.

✨ Leave people/teams in a better place than when we first met.

✨ Create space for emotional empowerment, courage and connection.

✨ Be a business owner that is known for caring deeply, leading with empathy and inspiring belief in self (personally and professionally).

Your future success rests on the depth of your inner work now. Answering questions like this one provides energy to the track you're on. It fuels a sense of purpose, meaning and duty.

Reflect on the legacy of your current or future space:

✨ What legacy will you leave behind?

✨ What tangible, actionable habits will build that legacy?

✨ What do you need to stop doing to achieve it?

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