Do You Know Your Leadership Guideposts?

Navigating Leadership's High Stakes Junctions

A client gave me permission to share this all-too-common scenario:

“I have an employee that is very popular with clients, but fails to meet job expectations behind the scenes. Feedback and coaching haven't helped. Should I stick with them because they bring in clients or should I take the heat for firing them because I just can't even…?”

Oofda. Now that's a real-life, adult rendition of “Would You Rather…?”, the game that forces you to choose between two (usually undesirable) scenarios. The crux of the game: you can't say both/neither, there's no right/wrong answer, data won't help you, and no one can answer the question for you.

Without a custom-crafted filter to sift out a clear, peaceful path forward in leadership's inevitable junctions, you will find yourself in the fast lane to a leadership brand characterized by exhaustion, powerlessness and self-doubt.

Enter the Power Seven Success Skills: a trainable intelligence system to create, manifest and nurture an authentic leadership brand that paves your path with energy, connection and personal power. An internal compass for even the most gnarly games of “Would you rather…?”. The system develops mastery of social, emotional and somatic skills that include: self-understanding, intuition, confidence, high-quality mindsets, truth-telling, social investment and self-care.