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Lead, Live and Love with Energy, Connection, and Personal Power

I'm on a mission to help leaders and soul-driven humans lead, live and love with energy, connection and personal power; and, to advance leadership education that emphasizes the mastery of social, emotional and somatic skills. I care deeply about helping people become the best, most authentic version of themselves.

If you are looking to create an authentic leadership brand and soul-driven lifestyle that creates seismic shifts and continuously supports resilient moves from exhausted to energized, stuck to powerful, and from feelings of self-chaos to self-clarity and self-care, you've found the right coach!


Investing time, resources, and a whole lot of courage into developing the Power Seven Success Skills, calibrating your career compass, learning to navigate vulnerability and getting out of your own way will pave a path to influence that feels energized, connected and powerful.

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  • Leadership & Life Coach
  • iEQ9 Enneagram Certified
  • Passionate Educator
  • Avid Reader
  • Montana Adventurer


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Work with me 1:1 to live and lead as your best, most authentic you.



"The New Normal: 3 Connection Habits to Make You Smarter, Happier and More Productive." 

Circumstances surrounding the Great Disruption of 2020 are not the only new normal. The recent changes in the ways the world operates have exposed a profound truth brewing beneath the surface for the last decade: the skills required for success and happiness are evolving. Another new normal that will continue to emerge as the post-2020 world disrupts status quo is the need for social well-being, or connection, as a top priority to be smarter, happier and more productive. 


This workshop reveals a need to shift the narrative from "social skills” or "soft skills” to "success skills.” Development of social well-being is accessible to any person and personality willing to learn. Connections with others can be developed by implementing tangible behaviors supported by neuroscience and reputable research. Participants will learn three connection habits, or success skills, they can enact immediately to boost their brainpower, fuel sense of belonging with their peers, and support overall success in their goals. Offered via Zoom.

Time: 60 - 90 minutes

Investment: $750 - $975

Current Offerings


"The Nine Types of Leaders." Advance the emotional intelligence of your team using the enneagram: a dynamic self-awareness model that reveals nine core motivations of leaders and five expansive opportunities for each type's growth. The assessment provides a powerful framework for self-discovery, team-building, conflict resolution, coaching and organizational development. What makes the enneagram unique is its focus on the WHY behind leadership and teammate behaviors. Self-awareness at this depth unravels blind spots, vulnerabilities and bad habits that get in the way of leaders and teams being at their best. This retreat has the power to improve communication, resolve conflicts and build stronger relationships. Time will be used for both team-building and personal reflection on reports to live and lead with more self-understanding, connection, and emotional intelligence.


This retreat will:

  • Create a common language amongst the team for enhanced communication and connection with each other

  • Explore the five opportunities for each type to grow

  • Reveal the three centers of intelligence for more creativity, deeper compassion and enhanced decision-making

  • Determine personal and team blind spots and how to move past them


Retreat perks include:

  • One iEQ9 enneagram type report per person and how to use this information to transform thoughts, feelings and actions for optimal outcomes. The 42 page report will feature:

    • ​A complete description of your Enneagram type, wings, lines and

    • 21 pages of TYPE SPECIFIC tips to help you:

      • Give and receive feedback

      • Navigate conflict and identify the triggers

      • Improve decision making

      • Boost your type-specific leadership, strategy and management

      • Improve your team dynamics

    • Maximize coaching relationships

  • One comprehensive team report and team dynamics overview including:

    • Conflict and social styles

    • Team development

    • Team growth plans

  • Workbook for each trainee

  • Discounted access to 1:1 coaching sessions for course participants ($97 each for 60 minutes)

Time: 3.5 hours

Investment: $2500 + $100/person



"Passion to Purpose: Living Your Mission for Seismic Shifts" This session is for leaders and soul-driven humans committed to creating positive change in the world. Widespread impact doesn't happen in one fell swoop, it happens in small "seismic shifts." Just like real seismic activity in nature, lasting change happens one millimeter, one vibration, one rumble at a time. For anyone that has witnessed the beauty of mountain ranges, you have experienced how these seismic shifts in nature collect, collect, collect over time to create astounding results. For humans, living and leading with a clear, passionate purpose will pave your path to lasting change with the same brand of seismic force and magnetic energy. This session will inspire participants to live and lead with more clarity and intention, and will teach participants  how to create a career vision/mission that empowers them to identify the tangible, daily moments they make seismic shifts for positive change. Offered via Zoom.


Time: 60 minutes

Investment: $750



"Self-Care: Three Non-Negotiable Habits of an Energized Body, Mind and Soul." The pandemic has catapulted the world into a new normal of how everything operates, and the self-care strategies you need to pave your path with energy, connection and personal power are more important than ever before. To create, manifest and nurture the best, most authentic version of you in the post-2020 world will require intentional nourishing of your body, mind and soul. This workshop will teach attendees an empowering self-care mantra and three tangible, actionable habits that can be implemented with as little as ten intentional minutes per day to boost the body, sharpen the mind, and fuel the soul. These strategies have the power to continuously support resilient moves from exhausted to energized, from stuck to powerful, and from feelings of chaos to feelings of calm. Workshop offered via Zoom.


Time: 90 minutes

Investment: $975