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Vision and values assignment

Who this is for:  Millennial and Gen Z leaders who want to make confident career decisions that support a thriving lifestyle.

Passion to purpose:

As you’re climbing your career mountains, pause to ensure you’re climbing the right ones.
Don’t get to the mountaintop only to find out you hated the journey (where you spent all your time and grind).
Clarity in your vision and values will begin to create a career compass that takes you to the right trails.
Your vision reflects your hopes, dreams and desires for the future. Your values reflect what matters most to you.
These two cardinal directions are the first of four that calibrate your career compass.
Every path has its challenges. But, a calibrated career compass ensures you are traversing the right ones for you.

Identify Career Vision

Use your imagination to pull from a deep well of dreams, desires, needs and wants that already live inside you. When you know your “what,” the "how" will follow.


Reveal Core Values

Values reflect what matters most to you. They are in your present actions, not aspirations. They show what you are willing to sacrifice your most precious resources for: time, energy and money.


Increase Career Courage

We don't lack motivation for meaningful change, we lack clarity. Identify which paths to walk and ladders to climb are the right ones for you, especially when crossroads arrive.  

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by Whitney Sullivan
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