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Workshops and Retreats

The Nine Types of Leaders

The Enneagram Team Workshop/Retreat
Decrease stress. Increase productivity. Improve relationships.

Increase the effectiveness of your team using the enneagram: a dynamic self-awareness model that reveals nine unique styles of leadership and five ways each of them can grow and thrive in their talents.


The assessment provides a powerful framework for self-discovery, team-building, conflict resolution, coaching and organizational development.


What makes the enneagram unique is its focus on the WHY  behind leadership and teammate behaviors. Self-awareness at this depth unravels blind spots, vulnerabilities and bad habits that get in the way of leaders and teams being at their best.


This retreat has the power to improve communication, maximize the strengths of each team member and build stronger relationships. Time will be used for both team-building and personal reflection on reports to live and lead with more self-understanding, connection, and emotional intelligence.


This retreat will:

  • Maximize the unique leadership strengths of each team member.

  • Create a common language amongst the team for enhanced communication and connection with each other.

  • Explore the five opportunities for each type to grow and thrive.

  • Reveal patterns of thinking, feeling and doing for more creativity, deeper compassion and enhanced decision-making.

  • Determine personal and team blind spots and how to move past them


Retreat perks include:

  • One iEQ9 enneagram type report per person and how to use this information to transform thoughts, feelings and actions for optimal outcomes. The 42 page report will feature:

    • ​A complete description of your Enneagram type, wings, lines and

    • 21 pages of TYPE SPECIFIC tips to help you:

      • Give and receive feedback

      • Navigate conflict and identify the triggers

      • Improve decision making

      • Boost your type-specific leadership, strategy and management

      • Improve your team dynamics

    • Maximize coaching relationships

  • One comprehensive team report and team dynamics overview including:

    • ​Conflict and social styles

    • Team development

    • Team growth plans

  • Workbook for each trainee

  • Discounted access to 1:1 coaching sessions for course participants ($200 each for 60 minutes)

Time: 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours

Investment: $850/hour + $105/person

Offered via Zoom or in-person

courage, connection & conflict

Culture and Relationships Team Workshop/Retreat

Increase your team's

brainpower, belonging and bottom line.

Research shows that at the heart of successful cultures is connection. A connected culture prioritizes the building of relationships, uplifting recognition behaviors, and creating spaces where individuals can show up as their best selves.


To gain competitive edge, the next era of team culture will create social infrastructure that encourages vulnerability, social investment, and courage. Connected cultures are skilled at engaging in productive conflict and practice skills that promote collaboration. 

This retreat helps teams get to know each other at a deeper level, provides a catalyst for the development of trust, and supports the development of conflict resilience. By having these relational structures in place, teams will have more brainpower to deliver elite results: innovation, creativity, intellect, problem-solving, collaboration and many more.

This retreat will:

  • Increase team productivity and collaboration.

  • Identify each person's unique communication styles, preferred methods for conflict, and ideal ways of getting things done.

  • Facilitate meaningful conversation that is a building block for trust.

  • Provide tools and training for conflict resilience.

  • Support employees getting to know each other at a deeper level.

  • Inspire employees to practice brain-boosting gratitude.

  • Provide training and support in an era of unprecedented changes and challenges.

  • Provide the latest research and tools on the powers of connected teams.


Retreat perks include:

  • One 23-page iEQ9 enneagram type report per person and how to use this information to boost individual and team courage, connection and conflict skills.

  • Workbook for each trainee.

  • Discounted access to 1:1 coaching sessions for course participants ($200 each for 60 minutes).

Time: 4 hours, 6 hours or 8 hours

Investment: $850/hour+ $55/person

Offered via Zoom or in-person

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