Your Metrics for Impact

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

You're on a mission. You want to make the world a better place. You are a leader and a soul-driven human for change. You put plans in motion, you hold bold stances, and you put them out to the world (aka social media)!

You anxiously await responses of inspiration. Brilliant manifestations of change. Hearts, likes, and comments in droves. And, then finally notifications GALORE. Hallelujah!

But a sinking realization hits…they're all from your mom.

Raise your hand if you've felt this reality hard 🤦‍♀️🙋

The good news is that you're part of a collective of passionate humans that want to provide the world meaningful work (not to mention you've got mama bear on your side). Yet, the daily grind has harsh realties of what the change and growth process really looks like. In the day-to-day, it can feel like no one is listening, no one is watching, and nothing is changing at all.

When threatened with despair (or an identity crisis), reflect: how are you measuring your impact? Do you let the number of instagram followers determine your success? And, instead of chasing volatile success metrics such as likes, comments, and/or highly visible displays of inspiration:

⚡Focus on the clarity of your message and your mission

⚡Identify the tangible behaviors and actions that support it and make them daily habits

⚡Define what success looks like and feels like for YOU

⚡Create, manifest and nurture your best, most authentic self as a vehicle for your calling

Then, let it brew. Keeping focusing on your process. Becoming the most evolved version of yourself and becoming a living embodiment of your clear passionate purpose will be a force and a magnetic energy upon everything in your path. Meaningful work driven by a clear, passionate purpose creates seismic shift.

Bottom Line: You cannot measure your impact only by what is seen. You are leaders and soul-driven humans for change, not social media influencers. Don't measure your impact only by likes, followers, shares or gushes of support. True impact is what happens beneath the surface of visibility. Keep the heat on, the change you're creating is brewing.

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