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"What should I say?"

You’ve asked it. Others have asked you. All of humanity has asked it in one form or another.

What I usually hear following that question is a deep investment in crafting a message so focused on optics, impression management, and avoidance of conflict, that the sharp, clear truth is lost. An opportunity for productive conflict, sincere resolution and deep connection missed.

My response to that question: What's true? What if you spoke your genuine observations, feelings, needs, and requests? What is getting in the way of saying exactly what you mean?

I’m not saying don’t be thoughtful. I’m not saying don’t seek sounding boards. What I am saying is that cutting to the truth will save you valuable energy and will support the solutions you're really wanting.

Truth-telling is vulnerable. It means you must let go of control on how that person might respond. Managing THEIR emotions is not yours to do. Yours to do is speak truth with kindness and clarity.

Here’s a guidebook to help you identify your truth AND speak it ⬇️

✨ Don’t leave your boundaries and needs up to someone else.

✨ Speak your truth and make requests, clearly and kindly. ESPECIALLY when you think you *shouldn't* have to. Those *shoulds* are likely your deepest held values and needs.

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