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Three Reasons to Use Your Professional Development Funds on Coaching

...instead of that $,1000+ conference!

1) This Statistic: 95%

Dramatically increase the success rate of achieving a big, brave goal. According to the Association for Talent Development, your likelihood of achieving a goal increases to 95% when you commit to working on it with another person. A solid return rate for your $1000+ investment.

2) Customized Attention

Reap the benefits of a trained coach focused entirely on YOU. Every dollar spent is invested directly in you and your development. We've all had that post-expensive-conference disappointed feeling: you spent a lot of money, but it just wasn't quite what you were needing or wanting. When you hire a coach, they are there to make the learning experience all about your needs and wants.

3) Ongoing Support

Benefit from on-going support and accountability. Continue work towards your goals even beyond when the point of feeling excited for it passes (i.e. the post-conference high). This is where the real work begins: when the excitement wears off and you have to grind to maintain positive behaviors and changes. True change is a slow, consistent process. When you hire a coach, they will support not only the high points, but the moments of grind as well.

Interested in learning more about how coaching can improve your career and leadership skills? Book your free consult via and let's chat! And, check out current packages at



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