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This Is Your Next Move

I'd been in a funk recently.

Then, this last weekend I had a burst of clarity in what was fueling that funk. A seemingly simple phrase that actually has the power to poison all peace:

“What if…?”

Here's what can happen.

When you begin to make brave changes to your career, you start to feel vulnerable. When you start to feel vulnerable, self-doubt creeps in. When self-doubt creeps in, it loves to indulge self-protective thoughts:

  • “What if x happens?"

  • “What if y comes out of nowhere?”

  • "What if z catches me off guard?”

I don't know about you, but not much wisdom, power or peace in my life has come from "What if...?" reflections. Mostly just fear, anxiety and worry. Not to mention the exhaustion and diminished resilience of a runaway mind.

Today, give yourself permission to take a break from solving the problems of the future. Put those What-If-Fears in your pocket and trust you'll have the wisdom and resources you need to face them if they do come to pass.

As you pursue courageous moves to your career that feel nerve-wracking, confusing or overwhelming at times, just keep asking yourself this question:

"What is the next right thing?"

Then, trust yourself and do it.

What I know for sure is this: focusing on my What-If-Fears usually leads to a funk. Taking action on the next right step with a feeling of trust has been a consistent path of peace.

You don't need perfect conditions to succeed in your goals. You just need to keep taking the next right step.

I'm not saying you can't plan for the future, strategize resources, or anticipate barriers. I am saying to not let painful thoughts get in the way of present action.

Just keep taking your next right action. Your right path will unfold before you.

"See yourself as being part of a process and on a path to continuous growth."

-Susan David


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