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This Blind Spot Cost Him the Job

4 Ways to Reveal Positive Blind Spots

Many years ago, I was part of a search committee for a higher education professional. The group had consensus on their top candidate going into campus interviews. His resume was expansive. His portfolio was creative, innovative and relevant. His recommendations were glowing. He didn’t get the job. Why? The committee was a little shocked by his interview. He couldn’t articulate his strengths, talents and passions. He gave general responses. We wanted to dive into his expertise, experience and unique genius, but he didn't seem to think his accomplishments were anything special. Because of this, he struggled to generate any connection. When balanced for all aspects of the hiring process, another candidate received the offer. Overall, I got the sense it wasn't nerves getting in the way, but that he seemed blind to his own genius (let alone the ability to communicate it). Aligning your career with your talents means knowing what they are and articulating them effectively. You have to understand your strengths in the context of others. Four ways to reveal positive blind spots and speak them more clearly: Reflect on compliments:

  • What is the best compliment you have ever received?

  • What are the recurring themes in your compliments?

  • In the last week, what praises or recognitions have you received?

Identify what puts you in flow:

  • What activities put you in a state of flow?

  • What are you doing when you lose track of time?

Ask for positive feedback:

  • Ask trusted friends and colleagues: “What do you see as my greatest talents? What do I do better than anyone else you know?”

Take a research-validated self-awareness assessment:

  • Companies like Integrative Enneagram develop fantastic research-validated self-awareness tools. Their assessment provides rich language to help your brain uncover, and clearly verbalize, your unique talents in an incomparable way. I have yet to find a report that provides a more effective map of the self than the iEQ9 Enneagram.

Bottom line: you have genius within you. Aligning yourself with a meaningful career requires you to clearly identify and speak it. P.S. Last one feel a little bit like a sales pitch? I can't help myself! 🤓 I truly believe in the power of the enneagram. Get your iEQ9 Enneagram report and coaching package before pilot pricing expires:

Or, just want to learn more about the Enneagram? Grab my free webinar: Instant Download

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