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The Self-Intelligence Paradox


Lifelong friend in college: “Whitney, you're pretty intense.” Flabbergasted 21 year-old me: “Really?! What do you mean?” Also me:

🤦‍♀ …oh, the humble sting of truth. The paradox of self-intelligence is that the positive traits and blind spots that are most inherent and natural to us are often the hardest to see. Sometimes, that paradox is funny (⬆). Sometimes, it gets in the way of leading as the best, most evolved version of you. Your ability to make transformative impact on your mission and people will only go as far as the transformative work you've done on yourself. The level of investigative work you've put into yourself is reflected in your current results and reality. Precisely why Self-understanding is Skill #1 of the Power Seven Success Skill system. Being able to meta-cognitively articulate, accept and apply to context your unique traits and blind spots is the foundation of becoming a leader that creates widespread influence from a place of energy, connection and personal power. GROWING YOUR SELF-UNDERSTANDING AND AVOIDING THE SELF-INTELLIGENCE PARADOX The single most impactful self-intelligence tool I've experienced is the iEq9 Enneagram. Learning my type (4w5!) through the Integrative 9 Enneagram Solutions empowered me to move past blind spots and step into my power to open a leadership coaching practice. I feel so strongly about the iEq9 Enneagram's ability to make seismic impact on a leader's growth, I'm getting certified in April! Get on the waitlist to receive special discounts on Enneagram Coaching Packages and Enneagram Team Trainings when my certification is complete!

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