The New Normal: Shifting "Soft" Skills to "Success" Skills

Updated: Feb 9

Have you ever worked for a leader that had great technical expertise but struggled to demonstrate effective leadership skills? If yes, how did it feel? Frustrating at best. Soul-fracturing at worst. That I-wanna-quit-so-bad feeling at the worst of the worst. Why? Excellence with specific tasks does not indicate excellence with humans. Technical skills alone are not inherently conducive to people-oriented leadership roles. Without an effective leader leveraging technical expertise and inspiring human potential you get the scenario above: a set of frustrated, kinda-wanna-quit employees (now in a pandemic). Yet, the skills required to successfully lead have traditionally been dubbed “soft.” I'm on a mission to shift that narrative and rebrand essential leadership tools as success skills. I'm not saying technical expertise is obsolete, but I am saying the world is changing: 93% of employers are hiring for soft skills rather than college major, and an estimated 50% of jobs will be automated in the next decade (Harvard Business Review). With a new name, a new depth level, and a new necessity, success skills activate the highest human potential in leaders and those they lead. The new normal of post-2020 leadership will require leveraging the best humans have to offer. Want more on Success Skills? Add this free download to your need-to-read list!