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The first three steps of career change

Considering a career change?

You wouldn't be alone. More than 15 million workers have left their jobs since April (McKinsey & Company). Even though it's trending nationally, it doesn't make the change any more simple for the individual. The realization you're climbing the wrong ladder, or that it's time for a new ladder, can feel crushing, disorienting and terrifying.

Eighteen months ago, I faced the same uncomfortable feelings you might be experiencing. I found myself face to face with a high stakes reflection and a big problem to solve:

"If I don't do this career, what will I do?"

Here are the first three things I did when I accepted a change was imminent, but had no idea where to start.

1️⃣ I asked for help by hiring a coach. I needed clarity, accountability and courage for a brave change.

2️⃣ I educated myself within a community by signing up for a career and confidence mastermind group. I needed knowledge and connection from fellow professionals in the same boat.

3️⃣ I invested my own money in the development and career direction I wanted. I needed to start charting my own path rather than my company's path.

Trust your hunches it's time to take your career energy elsewhere. The world needs what you are uniquely capable of creating with your passions, values and talents. Align your career with work that feels meaningful, purposeful and dutiful.

To get started, work on your vision for the future. Check out the exact vision assignment I do with each of my clients that has yet to disappoint in providing clarity and direction: Free Vision Assignment.



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