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Shake People-Pleasing Habits with Gryffindor-Level Courage

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Mid-week motivation to shake that pesky people-pleasing habit with Gryffindor-level courage.

It can be challenging to show up for yourself in situations you know might cause: conflict, disappointment, disapproval, difference of opinion, disagreement, status reduction and/or hurt feelings.

It takes courage to show up to an uncomfortable truth internally and then take action on it externally.

It takes practice and presence to slow down a rapid heart rate, sweaty palms and thoughts/emotions that are moving a million miles a minute.

The next time you're given an opportunity to speak an uncomfortable truth (or just a sincere preference like where you REALLY want to eat tonight):

Take a deep breath. Create space between emotion and action. In that space, you can choose the response that aligns with your truth AND respects the dignity of another person. You can be honest AND kind.

Creating space between emotion and action puts yourself in the drivers seat of your life rather than that sneaky autopilot to please.

Our blind spot is that we tend to overestimate the short-term pain of engaging in a difficult moment and underestimate the long-term pain if we don't. True moments of courage happen in 30 seconds or less:

⚡️It's saying "I want to break up."

⚡️It's saying "I need to let you go."

⚡️It's telling your honest opinion.

⚡️It's giving difficult, but needed, feedback.

⚡️It's saying "No, I don't want that."

...what would you add to the list?

You have the power to be courageous, clear AND kind.

Rooting for you 🦁


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