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Lessons from the Wilderness (Vol. 4)

Perfect vs. Favorable

Going backpacking can be tricky business. Numerous factors have to line up to make it a successful trip: time, food, health, weather, location, companions...not to mention about 100+ pounds of gear to organize (and carry).

At one point early this Fall, my husband, friend and I had thought we nailed it. We’d had an overnight backpacking trip planned all week: forecast was 80 degrees, no weather warnings, no chance of rain. Sunny all weekend.

Yet, as the weekend neared, there was a fresh red flag warning issued (high fire danger). I started to feel a little anxious…I really wanted that perfect weather.

The night before departure there was a new forecast for a slight chance of rain on Sunday. My nervousness increased. I started to doubt whether we should go. I really wanted no worries and no risk.

But, here’s the lesson we've learned from years of Montana adventures:

There’s no such thing as perfect conditions. If we only wait to adventure when conditions are perfect, we’ll never leave the house.

Instead, we decided the conditions were favorable. There was some risk, but nothing we couldn't face or prepare for: we'd skip the campfire and pack out before that slight chance of rain was forecasted to arrive. There was no imminent danger.

The conditions weren’t perfect, but they were favorable.

Going into the wild will always have some level of risk. That’s the vulnerability of doing anything meaningful, challenging and supremely fun. Holding a little fear in your pocket will keep you humble and prepared. Conditions that are favorable are good enough to step into the woods with a pack of tools, food, resources and good spirits. If something happens, we will figure it out. We always do.

Same with life.

That new adventure you want to pursue into new territory: there’s no perfect time. That job you want to apply for, that city you want to move to, that relationship you want to find (or end), that extra help you want to hire for your business...

Are you looking for circumstances that are perfect or favorable in order to proceed?

The conditions won’t always be perfect, but they can be favorable. If something happens, you will figure it out. You always do. You have everything you need to succeed already within you. Trust it!

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