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Lessons From The Wilderness (Vol. 1)

The wilderness is like a big life and leadership laboratory, especially for your self-talk.

⛰️ Dwell on all that could go wrong and you miss the peace, the beauty and the wonder.

⛰️ Yet, dwell only on what can go right and you set yourself up for unpreparedness, foolhardiness and poor decisions.

Effective self-talk balances both. Tim (my soon-to-be-husband!) once said about the navigating the wilderness:

“I just hold fear in my pocket. I want to hold it close to keep me humble. I acknowledge and prepare for the risks. But, if I don’t store it somewhere out of sight until I need it, I only ruminate on my fears and I won’t have any fun with the present moment.”

When it comes to navigating life and leadership adventures: acknowledge your fears, risks and exposures, but avoid ruminating on them or letting them disrupt your ability to take positive action. Embrace the present moment, assuming the best in yourself, in others and in the future.

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