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If you don’t courageously show up as you TODAY, quirks, faults and all, when will you?

Sometimes I miss her (➡️). I’ll never get to be her fully again. Yet, I never let myself be fully her then either. I was…

💥Too intense.

💥Too sensitive.

💥Too tomboy.

💥Too bossy.

💥Too competitive.

💥Too awkward.

💥Too much of a homebody.

…to have the courage to fully believe in myself and what I had to offer, quirks and all. I kept looking for external validation when all the confidence I needed was already within me. I now realize:

✨If you don’t have the courage to be fully you TODAY, will you ever?

✨If you don’t courageously show up as you TODAY, quirks, faults and all, when will you?

Self-belief starts now. How would your day be different if you believed:

✨All the great things people said about you.

✨You have unique gifts to offer.

✨Your best is enough.

✨You have no control over what people think of you.

✨Your unique personality traits are assets not weaknesses.

You’ll never get to be this version of you again. What do you have to lose by going all in for you? Or, will you keep looking back wishing you’d had the courage to be yourself?

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” -Epictetus

Photo details: 18 years old. State soccer gold medal match. (We won btw 😎).

I kinda want her on my team, don’t you? Lucky for you, you can hire the adult version of her for 1:1 coaching. She’ll be just as tenacious for your wins as she was for team soccer wins. Book free consult via:

✨I help millennial leaders develop success skills for courage, connection and conflict resilience.

✨I help millennial professionals align their passions, values and talents with a meaningful career.

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