How To Change the Future

The jobs you apply for… The dates you say yes to… The friends you make time for… The serious conversation you avoid with your partner… The things you say “I’m fine” about (but definitely are not)… Those are the kinds of everyday decisions shaping your life. To name a small few. If you want to make a big change, you have to start with one small decision at a time. Apply for the jobs, say yes to the dates, make time for the friends, have the serious conversations, and request the “I'm great” things that support the future you want to create. The next time you reach a decision point…pause and ask yourself: “Which option will advance the future I want to create?” Bottom line: Your future won’t change if you continue making the same choices. Change isn't a phantom of the future, it happens now. Each decision is an opportunity to make a one degree shift towards the life you want to create. Keep choosing the shift. It will be a little uncomfortable in the short term, but will lead to the change you want to create in the long term. What other small decisions lead to big changes? Drop them in the comments.

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