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Four Career Guiding Principles

Calibrate your career compass.

Is your career compass calibrated?

According to Prudential's American Worker's Survey, one in four Americans plan to leave their job post-pandemic. If that's you (or have an inkling it might be) your career compass calibrated? Check in with these four guiding principles: ⚡️ Your Vision: What do you want to create? What do you want your work to stand for? ⚡️ Your Values: What are your non-negotiables in your workspace and culture? What do you refuse to omit when short on time and money? ⚡️ Your Vitals: What is your body and gut telling you about your current role? What messages is your body sending at the end of each day, i.e. tension and exhaustion or energy and resolve? ⚡️ Your Virtues & Vices: What are your talents, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots? What genius zones do you need to maximize? What limiting beliefs are getting in the way? Align these four cardinal directions regarding your work and you’ll connect your best, most authentic self to your career change process. Need help deciding whether a career change is right for you? I got you. I have this free vision assignment to get started with your vision work: Career Vision Assignment. Or, I've got next level help available with my Career Compass coaching package which is designed to create clarity on the guiding principles above and develop the energy and personal power to pursue a courageous change. Have more questions? Book your free consult for a free career alignment check and to learn more about the Career Compass package!


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