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Dethrone Your Doubt with Mental Yoga

“What if I'm just a big deep fake?”

A question I jokingly (yet seriously) asked my oh-so-patient partner over and over again in the opening stages of my business. It's said 70% of people experience imposter syndrome: that icky fear you're just fooling everyone and you will be "found out" that you're actually not smart enough, talented enough, experienced enough, ________ enough.

Bottom line: it's difficult to be confident (Power Seven Success Skill #3) when your inner imposter is streaming a newsreel full of fake news, tragedies, and pending disasters. Disclaimer: that conniving newsreel feeds on your vulnerabilities. A self-doubt spiral is a flag for what is typically a vulnerable feeling that's being projected rather than managed. Vulnerability will be a constant companion to growth. If left unchecked, it traps you in the clutches of your inner imposter and blocks confidence.

Dethrone Your Doubt with Mental Yoga

"What if…?" thinking rarely gets you anywhere confidently. PAUSE, check your vulnerabilities, find the most fearful thought, and then turn it upside down by reframing it with “I'm feeling vulnerable about ________."

“What if I'm just a big deep fake?” → “I'm feeling vulnerable about opening my coaching business.”

“What if they think everything I say is stupid?” → “I'm feeling vulnerable about sharing my expertise and passion for development.”

"What if my business flops?" → “I'm feeling vulnerable about investing money in my potential.”

Feel the difference. And, share it with someone. These sorts of statements activate empathy in others. Connection is a balm that heals and empowers you to move forward with confidence.

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