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Connection Boosts Courage

A number of years ago, I had made a high stakes decision about my life that I knew would be controversial and unpopular to some people close to me. I received phone calls, texts and even handwritten letters about my choice. But, I was crystal clear in my conviction that the decision I made would move me towards the future I wanted to create and was an accurate reflection of my own personal truth.

After one of the questioning phone calls, I was word-dumping and self-doubt-spiraling as I cooked dinner with Tim (my now husband). When he finally could get a word in, he leaned in toward me and spoke seven beautiful words I'll never forget:

“Whitney, I'm proud of who you are.”

A simple sentence of support and affirmation that injected a large dose of courage into my vulnerable state.

He continued:

“Needing everyone to agree with your decisions is insecurity. You want everyone to like you. Not everyone is going to like you.”

Exactly what I needed to hear and exactly the relationship I needed in a vulnerable, high stakes moment. If you're in a similar situation today, I'll gladly be the caring connection that shows up for you and says:

✨ I'm proud of who you are.

✨ Needing everyone to agree with you is insecurity.

✨ Not everyone is going to like you.

To all my fellow purpose-driven professionals committed to living aligned with your passions, values and talents: there will be moments where you will have to make courageous decisions that are right for you and right for the future you want to create. Others may not like you for it. Others may passionately disagree with you. Others may call you and try to tell you how to live otherwise. But you're not making decisions to please others, you are making decisions that are right for YOU.

Be proud of who you are and what you want. Surround yourself with people that are proud of who you are and what you want. Invest in connections that boost your courage.

Easier said than done, totally, which is why I'm committed to helping you through my 1:1 coaching programs which connections are the right ones to invest in. It begins by crafting a clear vision for the future, defining your values, and developing success skills like truth-telling and social investment. Life is too short to not stand in your truth and be surrounded by people who love you for YOU. These are the tools, success skills and support you need to stand up for yourself, pursue a meaningful career and be a leader that makes a difference.

Want to start investing in strong connections now? Text 2-3 people and share the same empowering message Tim shared with me "Friend, I'm proud of who you are." Seven words can make a powerful impact. And, you'll even get to practice a little courage when you feel vulnerable to hit send.

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