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A powerful question for immediate burnout relief

"What would feel like a luxury today?"

If you're up to your eyes in burnout, pause. Ask yourself this question.

The best definition of burnout I've come across: work-induced depression. Yikes.

Aligning your career with your passions, values and talents is the best way to address work-induced blues. Yet, that doesn't help you right here, right now. Sometimes you need some immediate relief. Consistently tapping into some small pleasures can help sustain you until a bigger change can be made.

If you're feeling overwhelmed on the daily, ask yourself this question every day for a week: "What would feel like a luxury today?" Then, give it to yourself.

You might be surprised how simple, achievable and cheap (or free) the answers are. One time, my greatest luxury was paying an extra $1 for pre-chopped cilantro for taco night. No joke, not having to chop anything in order to make dinner made my day.

You deserve small luxuries. They're small deposits in your own well-being that add up over time. Invest in yourself as your life's most valuable asset.⠀

Rooting for you!


P.S. I offer a team/company webinar or workshop on the three non-negotiable habits of self-care. If your team is running out of steam, this workshop can help identify tangible, actionable behaviors that will re-energize body, mind and soul. DM me for details or sign up for a free consult via

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