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5 Signs You Might Be Ready for a Career Change

Check these eye-popping stats from McKinsey & Company: since April 2021, more than 15 million workers have quit their jobs. In their recent survey, another 40% of workers are at least “somewhat likely” to quit in 3-6 months. Forty percent have quit without another job lined up. These departing employees cited a lack of “sense of belonging” and “feeling valued” as primary motivators for leaving.

The takeaway: if you're considering a career shift, you're not alone. And, feeling a lack of belonging or value are oh-so-valid reasons to move on.

Five more signs you may need a course adjustment in your career path:

❌ You're consistently burnt out, even after a vacation;

❌ You can't seem to get promoted or elevated despite your best efforts;

❌ You find yourself consistently disagreeing with leadership's decisions;

❌ You struggle to approach each day with a sense of purpose and meaning;

❌ You find that what do best and what you love doing most is far less than 80% of your weekly work load.

We spend 40+ hours per week at work. There's no reason to be miserable. Working aligned with your passions, values and talents will boost your overall feelings of energy, connection and personal power.

Yet, coming to terms with moving on from a role can be a grieving process. I'm here to help purpose-driven professionals navigate high stakes moments like these and make a change from exhausted, defeated and isolated in their work to energized, confident and connected in their work. Check out this free vision assignment and let yourself dream a little of what your ideal career could look like: Vision Assignment.

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