Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan

Leadership & Career Coach | Speaker | Facilitator

Whitney is an energetic speaker, facilitator and coach committed to helping purpose-driven professionals align their passions, values and talents to a meaningful career; and, to helping leaders develop success skills for conflict, courage and connection.


In addition to public speaking and workshop/retreat leading, she advances her “Passion to Purpose" and "Conflicted to Connected" missions through 1:1 and group coaching programs that provide career counseling, leadership training, emotional intelligence development and courage building.


Whitney was born and raised in Nebraska and is a two-time alumna of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband Tim, where she is also an avid reader, outdoor adventurer and cycling instructor. She can't wait to connect with you!


"Do you got a minute?"

I spent the first ten years of my career in the higher education settling. "Do you got a minute?" --the five words that were music to my ears. I loved to help, listen, teach and coach so much that I opened a business and stepped full-time into entrepreneurship to do it even more. I want to hear ALL your "do-you-got-a-minutes."

*I’ll let you in on a secret: these do-you-got-a-minute moments are never about anything a google search can answer. The straightforward, data-driven parts of career and leadership are simple. The emotions, vulnerability and high stakes reflections are complex. Without support, these complexities can get in the way of pursuing meaningful work and courageous leadership.


My secret ambition

Since I was a child, I had a *secret* ambition to be a motivational speaker. But, it wasn't a *real* ambition. There's no LEGO person for that. No kindergartener (or college student for that matter) gets up and says "I want to be a motivational speaker when I grow up!"

I kept my truth silent. My career didn't match my ambition. My confidence suffered: hope isn't a very good strategy to take vision to reality.

But, this amazing thing happened when I started speaking my truth: I got lots of validation. People were fast to offer opportunities to match it. It’s like they could finally see me as me: my inside truth matched my outside expression. That validation fueled a confidence shift that was near magical in its effect. 


In January 2021, I proudly opened my business: I help leaders develop success skills for conflict, courage and connection; and, I help purpose-driven professionals align their passions, values and talents to a meaningful career



One person in one moment has the power to create permanent, positive change. You generate this impact when you are intentional in taking your authentic passions to intentional purpose. The world needs what you are uniquely capable of creating in your career and leadership journeys.

What I want to create: a collective of heart-forward professionals and connected leaders taking their passions to purpose and visions to reality. To do so, I believe in making work meaningful and I believe impactful leadership is about people skills, not technical skills.

  • Meaningful Careers: When you align your career with your passions, values and talents, you can work with more meaning, purpose, and duty.

  • Connected Leaders: When you build success skills for conflict, courage and connection, you can lead with energy, empathy and emotional empowerment.

The hardest part of my own journey towards a career of purpose, and maybe yours as well, is shedding all those damn filters that tone down what you really think, what you really want to say, what you really believe, and what you really want to create. ​There's that silent voice and sneaky protective instinct that wants to shift to the perceived safety of impression management, rather than true authenticity and creativity.


I want to help people move past these all-too-human tendencies and be successful by their own metrics. My talent is helping people show up to the deep, messy, and hard questions and come out the other end with courage, belief in themselves and resolution to act on what matters most.​


When I find myself in these human moments, I call myself to remember: there is no magic without vulnerability. It's where the best life has to offer happens.​​ 

In the end, I do what I do because this business is a canvas for my own creativity and unique capabilities. I didn't want to live a life of hiding art in my closet, but rather, create spaces where my brand of art could exist. In simplest terms, I want to help others create spaces for their own versions of art to exist. 


Your "art" is your brand of passion and purpose on a "canvas" for others to admire, consume and benefit from.  Each human is an artist with their own vision and unique capabilities.

I invite you to invest in your own creation process and learn more about working with me. I look forward to meeting you!