Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan

We all want more of...something. We want to get promoted, we want a joyful marriage, we want to feel comfortable in our own skin. What gets of achieving that something? Shouldn't it be easier to get exactly what we want?

Life can be messy. What feels like should be a direct path to success is often encountered with surprise obstacles, difficult decisions that don't have a clear right or wrong, conflict in setting boundaries...that's the hard part. That's where I come in.

I come in and support clients through the messier parts in achieving the success they want. Setting boundaries, knowing and communicating needs, grieving relationships that don't support our growth, having the confidence and courage to be vulnerable, getting crystal clear on what success even means. *Surprise: it doensn't mean the same thing for everyone, a blind spot that is empowering to work through.

I want clients to feel energized, connected and powerful. Why live life any other way? One way to get there is by achieving your definition of success in the moments you find most meaningful, purposeful and high stakes. I'm uniquely genius at helping people tap into their authenticity and work through life's most messy moments and helping people shine in the most high stakes moments. Those are the times we most need success skills, we most need energy, connection and personal power.

We used to view success skills as only something professionals develop if the want to go the extra mile. If I had a crystal ball, it says the new normal will be the need for all humans to develop "success skills" as well as their own definition of success in order to live, lead, and love with connection, energy and personal power.

I want to help people create the success they crave in order to live with more energy, connection and personal power.


My belief is that the root creators of our successes and struggles are usually the same at their core, they just wear different clothes. When we develop success skills at the core, we can transfer those skill sets to all areas of life.


If you’re feeling disconnected, exhausted, powerless or discouraged...developing success skills could help. Sometimes our struggles aren’t always quite mental health related, but simply a need to add tools to our life toolbox.


If you’re feeling that life is messy and can’t seem to navigate high stakes decisions with clarity, determining what success means for you and what you really want can be a compass when there is no clear right or wrong.


Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to dump or delegate. Determining your unique genius can guide where to focus your energy.


Maybe you’re going through a change and simply need a mentor and support for a confidence boost. Coaching can provide mindset tools and strategies to navigate your internal compass.


Maybe there is an area of life you want to level up. Coaching can develop the success skills to give you an edge


Coaching is an investment of time and money. Stats on goals and stats on what happens when we put money on them. I believe investing in our one life is the best bet we can make. You are your own life’s best resource.


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