What is a success skill?

Our successes and our struggles are the same at their core, they just wear different clothes.

I'm on a mission to shift the narrative from "soft skills" to "success skills."

We used to view success skills as only something professionals develop if the want to go the extra mile. If I had a crystal ball, it says the new normal will be the need for any human (at work or not) to develop success skills as well as articulating their own definition of success in order to live, lead, and love with connection, energy and personal power.

I want to help people develop the Power 7 Success Skills to create the success they crave.


My belief is that the root creators of our successes and struggles are usually the same at their core, they just wear different clothes. When we develop success skills at the core, we can transfer those skill sets to all areas of life.

Here's the best part of developing success skills: YOU get to define what success means for you. YOU get to decide where you dedicate your energy. YOU get to determine what leads you closer to the best, most authentic version of you.

Not sure how the below fits in...it might not be here but could be elsewhere. I like the idea of having some "symptoms" and then which success skill could heal that symptom.

If you're 10 years in to your current role but want to take it up a notch, this program is for you.

If you're in the midst of those life-altering mid-career decisions, this program is for you.

If you're new to a big role you've worked hard for and want to make sure you have that competitive edge, this program is for you.

If you've simply wanted a female mentor to invest in you, challenge you, and truly see you. I'm the coach for you.

If you’re feeling disconnected, exhausted, powerless or discouraged...developing a success skill could help. 


If you’re feeling that life is messy and can’t seem to navigate high stakes decisions with clarity, determining what success means for you and what you really want can be a compass when there is no clear right or wrong.


Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to dump or delegate. Determining your unique genius can guide where to focus your energy.


Maybe you’re going through a change and simply need a mentor and support for a confidence boost. Coaching can provide mindset tools and strategies to navigate your internal compass.


Maybe there is an area of life you want to level up. Coaching can develop the success skills to give you an edge


Coaching is an investment of time and money. Stats on goals and stats on what happens when we put money on them. I believe investing in our one life is the best bet we can make. You are your own life’s best resource. Together, let's leverage the Power 7 Success Skills...because why play small?

the Power 7 Success Skills

The skills build off one another. One foundation leads to the next.

Do they just got it or is it...created?


When it comes to the most successful people I've led, managed, worked with or coached, I can identify seven skills (yes, learned skills) they have in common: self-understanding, intuition, confidence, high-quality mindsets, truth-telling, social investment, and self-care. I call these the "Power 7 Success Skills." Develop these foundational seven success skills at your core and success will be inevitable. It just works. They transfer everywhere.

The number of success skills we can develop are endless, but these seven are the real warriors for those big wins you're wanting.

So yes, these folks "got it" because they created it. Any person willing to devote time, resources, and whole lot of courage to get vulnerable with themselves and others can achieve powerful results.


  • Skilled, well-intentioned (even supremely passionate) but limited by their self-understanding.

  • Self-understanding goes deeper than just self-awareness. I've also met many people who were very aware, but they didn't grasp how it fit into the context of their successes and struggles. They had yet to translate that awareness to their impact and results.

  • Self-understanding is self-awareness AND 

  • Enneagram is my success tool of choice for exploring and developing understanding. I can also offer an official Myers-Briggs Type Indicator





  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool: Unique Genius Adventure


High-Quality Mindsets

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool: Mental Yoga



  • What you put out to the world is what you get back. Truth-telling is a practice that is deeply, painfully honest with self. We cannot be honest with others or truly authentic unless we are deeply honest with ourselves first.

  • Then, when we put our truth to the world, we get it back 10-fold.

  • Truth-Telling means we will also become experts at navigating conflict. But, from conflict and resolving conflict, comes deep peace and clarity and resolve.

  • A life of authenticity will never be a life that goes unchallenged. But, it will be a life that is fulfilled, true to self, and will result in strong connections, strong purpose, and a strong tribe.

  • Truth-Telling integrates self-understanding and body compass to determine what's true, confidence to speak, and high quality mindsets to manifest the success we crave.

  • Truth-telling means we belong to ourselves first. It means we gracefully navigate conflict that is inevitable but stand our ground. Truth-tellers get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions that sometimes arise from choosing yourself.

  • Truth-telling is also a practice of bravery. Truth-tellers never say they're "fine" when they're not. Truth-tellers are honest about their weaknesses, blind spots, faults and mistakes...but they are also honest about their strengths, talents, contributions and successes.

  • They don't hide behind false humility. Truth-tellers don't use power dynamics as an excuse. They always speak truth. Truth-tellers don't shy away from tough conversations around race, privilege, power and discrimination. Truth-tellers are never silent about hard things.

  • This amazing thing happened when I stopped making my dreams a secret. I got lots of validation. Like, tons of it. People gushed over me and what I wanted. It’s like they could actually see me as me when my inside matched my outside.

  • That validation fueled a confidence shift that was near magical in its effect.

  • Where does your outside need to match your inside? What’s getting in the way? What if the universe is waiting on you?

  • Instead of choosing some temprirary discomfort for a productive co flcit, we choose to suffer silently

  • Delivery matters. Genuine truth-tellers speak from a place of grounded sincerity, because they are in touch with what is real in their bodies and beliefs. Truth-teller focus on facts, not feelings. They use "I" statements, they speak from their needs and make brave requests.

  • One of the biggest barriers I've observed to energy, connection and personal power (the highest level of success) is an inability to identify and speak needs, truths, desires. Why? First, you have to be completely honest with self. Second, it is deeply vulnerable to ask/speak for our hearts truest desires. Especially women, are cultured to be polite, submissive and adhere to a right/wrong view of desires, opinions, needs.

  • Nonviolent communication is the tool/challenge here. (Facts, feelings, needs, requests)

  • Where are you feeling resentment? Anger? What is it you are needing? What makes your blood boil?

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool/Challenge: Facts, Feelings, Needs, Requests

  • Challenge: Self-Honesty Noticing Assignment


Social Investment

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Challenge: 



  • 60 minutes

  • Success Challenge: 

All coaching takes place via Zoom. Sessions will be spaced in 2-3 week intervals depending on client needs and schedules.

Package includes unlimited email and messaging support for duration of program, a welcome gift worth $100+, and discounts on additional coaching sessions and other offerings for six months from purchase date.