Pave your path with energy, connection & Personal power

Transformative leaders and soul-driven spirits: work with a coach 1:1 to develop success skills in order to continuously supports resilient moves from exhausted to energized, stuck to powerful, and from feelings of self-chaos to feelings of self-clarity and self-care. 


"The Connected Culture." Research shows that at the heart of successful cultures is connection. A connected culture prioritizes the building of relationships, boosting recognition behaviors, and creating spaces where employees can show up as their authentic selves. To gain competitive edge, the next era of company culture will create social infrastructure that encourages vulnerability, social investment, and human moments.

This retreat helps employees get to know each other at a deeper level, provides a catalyst for the development or deepening of trust, and boosts a powerful habit of gratitude. By having these relational structures in place, companies will have more brainpower for the leverage of success skills that make companies deliver elite results: innovation, creativity, intellect, problem-solving, collaboration and many more. Currently offered virtual only.

Featured Power 7 Success Skill: Social Investment

Time: 4 hours

Investment: $2900






What are my clients’ needs?:


Leadership Foundations Package

  • I am a new leader or want to prepare myself to lead. I need a foundation and a beginning to self-awareness. (And a little encouragement that I’m capable!). I need you to tell me that I can do this, I can be a leader. I’m not an imposter, I’m born for this. I’ve never really thought about my values and how that impacts leadership. 

  • I am a business owner, lawyer, doctor, or entrepreneur that has always been a go-getter but do not have experience or much training in leading others. I now own my own business or practice, and I need help leading and inspiring my staff to reach as high and dig as deep as I do.

  • I need to learn foundations of emotional intelligence, values, inspiring others, communicating vision. I need to learn more self-awareness and how it impacts those I lead. I need more awareness of how my values impact others.


Leadership Support Package

  • I am a current leader navigating new challenges and difficult decisions that do not have clear answers or paths. Where’s the guidebook that tells me exactly what to do? No matter what direction I go or what decision I make, someone will be upset or will criticize me or will misunderstand me.

  • I might be burnt out and exhausted from not setting boundaries. I need support and coaching on my values, boundaries and assertiveness. I need some compassion and some general “you can do it!” as I work through my obstacles.

  • I need to learn how to coach from my values and intuition and trust my body compass. I need to learn how to set boundaries of what I can and can’t offer as a leader. I need to learn that disappointing people is unavoidable, but disappointing myself is a choice. I’m my team’s best resource, so the best way to serve my people is to take care of me and trust me.


Leadership Evolved Package

  • I might need to learn how to be more compassionate…maybe my challenge is a result of being too harsh and not thoughtful enough. Maybe I’ve gotten some tough feedback on my leadership style and I want to get better.


Leadership Team-Building (team training)

  • I am a current leader that wants to develop my team. I need you to plan and host a training for me.

  • I am a leader seeking help getting my team more connected, they have been disconnected as of late.

  • I am a leader of a new team, and I want to lay a foundation of connection and help my team get started on the right foot.


Leadership Culture

  • I am a current leader that needs to hire. I need to learn how to hire for my values and what behaviors I want to see in my organization. I need to reflect on my non-negotiables and how I find that in the interview process.

  • I need to learn my non-negotiables in my employees. I need to learn how to hire for my values. I might even need to learn what my values are. I might have never considered I could hire for values.

  • (How do I keep hiring the wrong people?)

  • I am a current leader that needs to fire someone. I need validation for my values, a non-biased sounding board to check my own biases. I need to make sure I’ve checked all my boxes and have done everything I could before I proceed.


Leadership Looking

  • I am applying for a leadership position. I need to practice interviewing, get clear with my non-negotiables and values, and get prepared for the interview process in general. I need some confidence boost and encouragement to be myself and trust my values.


My voice: empathy, cheerleading, compassionate honesty. 



Sometimes life is a little messy. Leadership has its messy moments. There is no clear right or wrong, the stakes are high, and emotions cloud any chance at clarity. I’m here to help you find the truth in leadership’s messiest moments.