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Hire Whintey To SPeak at your event

Inspire the clarity and confidence your team needs

Whitney offers the coaching emerging leaders need to show up with clarity, confidence, and resilience as well as the coaching any ambitious professional needs to recharge their resilience batteries and create more work/life balance.

The Resilience Battery

Stay energized, manage stress, prevent overwhelm and avoid burnout.

Resilience is like a battery - the more charge you have going into challenges, setbacks and failures, the more capacity you have to thrive in the face of them.

Resilience is less about willpower and more about wellness. Tending to your resilience battery will help you stay energized, manage stress, prevent overwhelm and avoid burnout in work, life and leadership.

Learn how to stay Grounded, Gritty and Growing for work, life and leadership.

Keynote Workshop

Purpose to Passion

Living Your Mission for Seismic Shifts

Pave Your Path →

Keynote Workshop

Team Trainings

Use the Enneagram to positively influence your team's relationships, responsibilities and results.

Learn How

Keynote Workshop

Connection at Work

Boost Your Brainpower, Belonging and Bottom Line

Master the Science →

Keynote Workshop

Custom Trainings

Work with Whitney to create a custom keynote, webinar, workshop or retreat.

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About Whitney

Guiding leaders showing up with clarity, confidence, and resilience.

Whitney is a leadership coach, Enneagram practitioner, keynote speaker and team-builder. Her professional training and coaching business is designed to:

  • Help rising leaders break through barriers to thriving in their leadership practice.

  • Deliver keynotes and company webinars on resilience, connection and purpose.

  • Use the Enneagram to help leaders, business professionals and teams positively influence their relationships, responsibilities and results.

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