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Pave Your Path to Widespread Impact with Energy, Connection, and Personal Power.

I'm on a mission to help transformative leaders and soul-driven humans pave their path to impact with energy, connection and personal power; and, to advance leadership education that emphasizes the mastery of social, emotional and somatic skills. I care deeply about helping people become the best, most authentic version of themselves.

If you are looking to create an authentic leadership brand and soul-driven lifestyle that creates seismic shifts and continuously supports resilient moves from exhausted to energized, stuck to powerful, and from feelings of self-chaos to self-clarity and self-care, you've found the right coach!


Investing time, resources, and a whole lot of courage into developing the Power Seven Success Skills, calibrating your career compass, learning to navigate vulnerability and getting out of your own way will pave a path to influence that feels energized, connected and powerful.

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  • Leadership & Life Coach
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Work with me 1:1 to live and lead as your best, most authentic you.



"The New Normal: 3 Connection Habits to Make You Smarter, Happier and More Productive." 

Circumstances surrounding the Great Disruption of 2020 are not the only new normal. The recent changes in the ways the world operates have exposed a profound truth brewing beneath the surface for the last decade: the skills required for success and happiness are evolving. Another new normal that will continue to emerge as the post-2020 world disrupts status quo is the need for social well-being, or connection, as a top priority to be smarter, happier and more productive. 


This workshop reveals a need to shift the narrative from "social skills” or "soft skills” to "success skills.” Development of social well-being is accessible to any person and personality willing to learn. Connections with others can be developed by implementing tangible behaviors supported by neuroscience and reputable research. Participants will learn three connection habits, or success skills, they can enact immediately to boost their brainpower, fuel sense of belonging with their peers, and support overall success in their goals. Offered via Zoom.

Time: 90 minutes

Investment: $975

Current Offerings


"The Connected Culture." Research shows that at the heart of successful cultures is connection. A connected culture prioritizes the building of relationships, boosting recognition behaviors, and creating spaces where individuals can show up as their authentic selves. To gain competitive edge, the next era of team culture will create social infrastructure that encourages vulnerability, social investment, and human moments.

This retreat helps teams get to know each other at a deeper level, provides a catalyst for the development or deepening of trust, and boosts a powerful habit of gratitude. By having these relational structures in place, teams will have more brainpower for the leverage of success skills that enable them to deliver elite results: innovation, creativity, intellect, problem-solving, collaboration and many more. Currently offered virtual only. 

Time: 4 hours

Investment: $2900


Work with Whitney to create a team training or retreat custom to your team's success goals. The featured offerings above can be adapted to a specific target audience, or she can create something entirely new on the topics of connection, leadership, personal power, or one of these seven sets of success skills: self-understanding, intuition, confidence, high quality mindsets, truth-telling, social investment and self-care. Currently offered virtual only.  

Investment: $750/hour.

Includes two free 1-hour content planning calls.