The Power 7 1:1 Program

Private coaching series to create wildly inevitable success with seven powerful skills.

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I provide ambitious women the tools and coaching on powerful skills needed to be successful in any endeavor. They transfer everywhere.

What are the outcomes? Powerful success skills that can set you up to succeed in any endeavor. A shift from self-chaos to self-clarity. Feelings of energy, connection, and personal power. Advancement of success goals.

I teach women how to be confident, be more self-aware, be more intuitive and decisive, think high quality thoughts, dethrone their doubt, achieve their wildest success goals, navigate from internal chaos to grounded clarity, set boundaries, take better care of themselves, speak with authenticity, navigate productive conflict, invest socially, gain awareness to talents and blind spots, discover their unique genius.

Client problems are fatigue, doubt, discouragement; stuck. Confusion on where to go next. Internal chaos and conflict. Changes in identity or navigating a high stakes moment. Lack of boundaries. Feelings of isolation. Indecisive, need to figure out what they really want.

My clients want to live the life they truly want. They want to manifest a big dream or success goal. They want to feel powerful, energetic, and have a strong connection to their purpose and their people. They want to be the best, most authentic version of themselves (free from the expectations of others). They want to live life from a place of assertiveness and confidence.

Your morale is low, your fatigue is high, you're discouraged and you're full of doubt. You're feeling lonely and like you're not quite in the right place with the right people. You're feeling plain stuck. You know you need to act, but clarity on what that action looks like escapes you. This isn't like you. You're an achiever, a high-flyer, and successful by others' standards. But you know it's time to reach higher and dig deeper. You want more of something and committed to creating success in it.

She's a high-flyer, an achiever, and a proven life go-getter. But recently, she's been feeling stuck. Her morale is low and her fatigue is high. She's feeling discouraged, full of doubt, and somewhat isolated. Others think she is quite successful, but she wants something more... to reach higher and dig deeper to create the life she truly wants.

She was feeling stuck and confused. But now, she understands and believes in herself like she never has before. She is feeling energized, connected, and oh-so-powerful.

She's feeling exhausted, lonely, and stuck. She's a high-flyer, leader, achiever, and well-known go-getter. But, she's hit a high stakes moment that has got her feeling full of doubt, discouragement, and confusion on what is the next right step. Shit's gotten real and they can't ignore it anymore. They need to get clear on their values, their talents, their blind spots. They need to build or rebuild their confidence. They need high quality mindsets, they need courage to speak their truth, they need to surround themselves with high quality women and for the love of God they have got to take better care of themselves...but how?

You've reached that dreaded point of no return: you have GOT to ask for help, you can't avoid it any longer.

No one really believes me when I say all this. They respond with "Really? But, you're so put together." But, you know you need help. You need someone to dig deeper with you. (This is a sign you need new company...your problems just got deeper, which means your ambitions are need people that can connect with that. High quality women need other high quality women.

I’m in a toxic relationship with my workplace. I’m back and forth and here and there. Some days I hate it, some days I love it. I commit to leaving, only to back out. I dream more about leaving, only to find myself not acting on it. I feel stuck. I can see how people get stuck in relationships. I’m no different with my workplace right now. Some days I’m fully convinced I need to leave and some days I’m fully convinced I need to stay.

"You're in a toxic relationship with...something (or someone). You're back and forth and here and there. Some days you love where you're at. Other days you absolutely hate it. It sucks the soul right out of you. You daydream of what it would look like to leave, to create something new...only to back out or to not act on it. You feel stuck."

When shit gets real (present-focused).

When there is something you really want to create (future-focused).

Where’s the guidebook that tells me exactly what to do? No matter what direction I go or what decision I make, someone will be upset or will criticize me or will misunderstand me.

I might be burnt out and exhausted from not setting boundaries. I need support and coaching on my values, boundaries and assertiveness. I need some compassion and some general “you can do it!” as I work through my obstacles.

  • I am a new leader or want to prepare myself to lead. I need a foundation and a beginning to self-awareness. (And a little encouragement that I’m capable!). I need you to tell me that I can do this, I can be a leader. I’m not an imposter, I’m born for this. I’ve never really thought about my values and how that impacts leadership. 

  • I am a business owner, lawyer, doctor, or entrepreneur that has always been a go-getter but do not have experience or much training in leading others. I now own my own business or practice, and I need help leading and inspiring my staff to reach as high and dig as deep as I do.

  • I need to learn foundations of emotional intelligence, values, inspiring others, communicating vision. I need to learn more self-awareness and how it impacts those I lead. I need more awareness of how my values impact others.

Sometimes life is a little messy. Leadership has its messy moments. There is no clear right or wrong, the stakes are high, and emotions cloud any chance at clarity. I’m here to help you find the truth in leadership’s messiest moments.

Hey, high flyer! I help all of you ambitious women leaders, achievers, and general life go-getters make your wildest success dreams a reality (and without the hustle, overtime, and burnout). Your achievements should never leave you feeling exhausted, isolated, or chained...and neither should any part of your life for that matter.

There's always got to be a better way, right?

Let's face it: with big goals comes even bigger vulnerabilities and high stakes problems to solve. Those can lead to all kinds of conflicting emotions and at times it can feel...messy, confusing, full of doubt and discouragement. I mean, seriously, where's the guidebook that tells me exactly what to do next?! And sometimes, that lack of clarity and any other fill-in-the-blank confusing feeling can lead to roadblocks to success.


With superhuman empathy, I will help unravel those feelings of chaos that can often sneak in the way of creating a life that feels powerful, energized, and connected with your purpose and people. With compassionate intensity, I help catalyze those hungry feelings for more depth, wealth, and advancement by challenging you to reach higher and dig deeper into your unique genius, positive blind spots, and personal potential. 


Whether you are looking to get unstuck or simply aren't into playing small, you've found the right coach! Investing time, resources, and a whole lot of courage into developing my Power 7 Success Skills will make achievement and your best, most authentic version of you absolutely inevitable. Girl, let's get after it.

Do they just got it or is it...created?


When it comes to the most successful people I've led, managed, worked with or coached, I can identify seven skills (yes, learned skills) they have in common: self-understanding, intuition, confidence, high-quality mindsets, truth-telling, social investment, and self-care. I call these the "Power 7 Success Skills." Develop these foundational seven success skills at your core and success will be inevitable. It just works. They transfer everywhere.

The number of success skills we can develop are endless, but these seven are the real warriors for those big wins you're wanting.

So yes, these folks "got it" because they created it. Any person willing to devote time, resources, and whole lot of courage to get vulnerable with themselves and others can achieve powerful results.

the details

12 weeks, 9 private coaching hours, 7 success skills, 6 success tools, 3 challenges, unlimited email support and my undivided attention on YOU

I want to help leaders, high-flyers and achievers create the success they crave in order to lead, live, and love with more energy, connection, and personal power. I want to shift the narrative from soft skills to "success skills." My signature program is a 1:1 coaching series focused on developing the "Power 7 Success Skills'' of self-understanding, intuition, confidence, high quality mindsets, truth-telling, social investment, and self-care.


Each session will have the respective "success tool"or "success challenge" and homework that helps cultivate successful habits that can be transferred anywhere and make achievement inevitable. I hope the client in this program goes from exhausted to energized, lonely to connected, stuck to powerful, and feelings of self-chaos to feelings of self-clarity and self-care. I want them to feel more connected to their purpose, unique genius, and relationships.

Pre-Session: Defining Success

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Pre-Assignment: Intake + Values

  • Goal-Setting


Session 1 Success Skill: Self-Understanding

  • 90 minutes

  • Success Tool: Enneagram iEq9 Assessment

  • Success Assignment: Values


Session 2 Success Skill: Intuition

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool: Body Compass

  • Success Assignment: Noticing


Session 3 Success Skill: Confidence

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool and Assignment: Unique Genius Adventure


Session 4 Success Skill: High-Quality Mindsets

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool: Mental Yoga

  • Success Assignment: 


Session 5 Success Skill: Truth-Telling

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool: Speak Truth Strategy

  • Success Challenge: Self-Honesty Check


Session 6 Success Skill: Social Investment

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Tool:

  • Success Challenge: 


Session 7 Success Skill: Self-Care

  • 60 minutes

  • Success Challenge: 

Bonus Mini-Session: Your Choice!

  • 30 minutes to use when and how you choose. Want some extra Enneagram work? Let's do it. Want to dive more into confidence? I'm all in. 30 minutes to put towards a topic you feel needs a little extra love.

All coaching takes place via Zoom. Sessions will be spaced in 2-3 week intervals depending on client needs and schedules.

Package includes unlimited email and messaging support for duration of program, a welcome gift, and discounts on additional coaching sessions and other offerings for six months from purchase date.

the Investment

Coaching (and success in general) is an investment of time, resources, emotional energy and vulnerability. 

We've all been there. We've spent thousands to attend professional conferences, trendy workshops, and relevant certification courses.

...and, yet.

We leave feeling a little disappointed. It wasn't quite what we needed. The topics were generic. Tons of money spent but nothing was customized, the presenter and many attendees still don't know your name, your needs, and your unique potential. 

Not only was that conference a fortune, it cost another large chunk of your development budget to fly to the host city, stay at the conference hotel, pay the casual cafe lunch prices, and hit those networking happy hours and dinners with peers.

Now, I'm certainly not suggesting that all conferences are a lackluster experience. But consider this: what if all that money went directly into your customized development with one person completely dedicated to your growth? What if all that money went to you being the absolute center of attention?

Here's your chance! I want to give you the development experience you're truly wanting when you sign up for that yearly conference, quarterly workshop, or CEC-required webinar.

Look at this get 8 "presentations" to yourself. You get to do most of the talking. And, the coach is all about you and only you for an hour at a time.

Let's do this!


  • $1897 (one installment)

  • $997 (two installments)

  • $667 (three installments)

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