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Free leadership trainings
by Leadership Coach Whitney Sullivan
Missed one or can't make it day of? Register anyway and get the replay!

break barriers to thriving

These Free Leadership Trainings Will:
Missed one or can't make it day of? Register anyway and get the replay!
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This SERIES is for you if:'ve wondered: "Do I have what it takes to be a leader?"'re excited about your leadership role, but exhausted, lonely and anxious, too. are a newly promoted leader in the past 6-18 months are a business owner adding/scaling a team for the first time've been managing people for awhile now but have never received formal leadership training


Identify Unique Style

You can't be all things to all people as a leader. But, you can be the best version of you. Lesson #1 will help you identify your unique leadership style and talents and why owning it is essential to thriving.


Own & Develop Strengths

Rebalance your routines and habits for confidence, energy and thriving. Lesson #2 will include Certified Strengths Coach Sarah Collins for a discussion on how leaving weaknesses behind and investing in strengths is key to thriving.


Name & Minimize Blind Spots

The limits of your self-awareness will be the limits of your leadership. You can't manage what you can't name. Lesson #3 will help trainees identify their blind spots and what they can do to minimize their impact.

Missed one or can't make it day of? Register anyway and get the replay!
Free leadership trainings
by Leadership Coach Whitney Sullivan

About Whitney

Whitney Hinshaw Sullivan is a leadership coach, keynote speaker and team-builder with a heart for beginners. With a background in leading fitness, wellness and student leadership programs in higher education, she learned the hard way that transitioning from individual contributor to leader requires a lot more than a change of title.


Whitney offers the coaching she wishes she received so that emerging leaders can show up with clarity, confidence, and resilience. Learn more about the Five to Thrive Rising Leaders Program here.

She currently lives in Bozeman, Montana with her husband Tim, where she is also an avid reader, outdoor adventurer and cycling instructor.

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