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Why hire a success coach?

Create the success you crave in order to lead, live and love with more energy, connection and personal power.

We all want more of...something. We want to get promoted, we want a joyful marriage, we want to feel comfortable in our own skin. What gets of achieving that something? Shouldn't it be easier to get exactly what we want?

Life can be messy. What feels like should be a direct path to success is often encountered with surprise obstacles, difficult decisions that don't have a clear right or wrong, conflict in setting boundaries...that's the hard part. That's where I come in.

I come in and support clients through the messier parts in achieving the success they want. Setting boundaries, knowing and communicating needs, grieving relationships that don't support our growth, having the confidence and courage to be vulnerable, getting crystal clear on what success even means. *Surprise: it doensn't mean the same thing for everyone, a blind spot that is empowering to work through.

I want clients to feel energized, connected and powerful. Why live life any other way? One way to get there is by achieving your definition of success in the moments you find most meaningful, purposeful and high stakes. I'm uniquely genius at helping people tap into their authenticity and work through life's most messy moments and helping people shine in the most high stakes moments. Those are the times we most need success skills, we most need energy, connection and personal power.

We used to view success skills as only something professionals develop if the want to go the extra mile. If I had a crystal ball, it says the new normal will be the need for all humans to develop "success skills" as well as their own definition of success in order to live, lead, and love with connection, energy and personal power.

I want to help people create the success they crave in order to live with more energy, connection and personal power.


My belief is that the root creators of our successes and struggles are usually the same at their core, they just wear different clothes. When we develop success skills at the core, we can transfer those skill sets to all areas of life.


If you’re feeling disconnected, exhausted, powerless or discouraged...developing success skills could help. Sometimes our struggles aren’t always quite mental health related, but simply a need to add tools to our life toolbox.


If you’re feeling that life is messy and can’t seem to navigate high stakes decisions with clarity, determining what success means for you and what you really want can be a compass when there is no clear right or wrong.


Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know what to dump or delegate. Determining your unique genius can guide where to focus your energy.


Maybe you’re going through a change and simply need a mentor and support for a confidence boost. Coaching can provide mindset tools and strategies to navigate your internal compass.


Maybe there is an area of life you want to level up. Coaching can develop the success skills to give you an edge


Coaching is an investment of time and money. Stats on goals and stats on what happens when we put money on them. I believe investing in our one life is the best bet we can make. You are your own life’s best resource.

Who is my ideal client?

See yourself in my typical client profiles and needs below? We could be a great fit to work together!

Really look at my client profiles of what I find ideal. I do love working with leaders. But what about them as leaders? It's also that they are driven to grow. I want to work with the creatives, the courageous, the ambition, the folks that have an insatiable need to evolve. They just can't help it. They find purpose and meaning in growth and creating success in all that they do. 

I'll be transparent, y'all. This comes straight from my heart! Not all shoppers of my services will be a fit, me for them or them for me...and that's okay. It's not just okay, its powerfully appropriate. One of my strongest held values is to spend my limited time on this great earth with people that support my needs, values, and dreams. I'm in this industry to help others AND to spend as many working hours as possible with tasks and people that energize me. I want to work with folks that can identify challenges in their lives and want to grow through them. I want to work with people that see opportunities and stretch themselves for them. I have a unique genius in coaching clients to success on both sides of the spectrum: shining in a high stakes moment or navigating chaos to clarity in a messy moment. I want to work with folks that are open-minded, believe in basic human rights for all people, have awareness of power and privilege in society, and have a desire for positive change.

I love helping people! Empathy is my greatest superpower and yet also my crippling kryptonite. I have to invest that sensitive, yet intense, energy in the right people and places. I have to be intentional in investing my time in those of you that have a deep commitment to learning and a willingness to spend money, time and effort on yourself. If you have an insatiable desire to grow, we're gonna be a great match. I have no doubts your money and your time will be well spent. You're going LOVE it.

"Leaders and Go-Getters"

"Go-getters" "Go get'em"

"Let's get after it"

"Snaps" Some people are just "snappy," amiright?

I want to work with high flyers. People driven to achieve their goals. When they hear "Success Coach" they're like "gimme some of that! I LOVE success."

I want a lot out of life. I want to live to my fullest, but I want to do it without being exhausted. Right now I'm more wide than deep with my commitments and I want to live to the fullest and do it with energy.

I'm a high flyer and I'm proud of it. There's always a better way to do something.

I have a great job, but I just have this feeling that I want more. I want to be going somewhere, I want to be working toward something. It doesn't have to be a promotion, but I need to always be learning and growing.

Not a good fit for me is wanting a magic fix without doing the work. Not a good fit for me is a refusal to self-reflect and accept responsibility for flaws, weaknesses or mistakes.

Even for leaders and achievers, life gets messy or a path might become unclear or a new challenge threatens to dampen your mojo (but dammit I'm going to figure it out if it's the last thing I do!).

Talk to my clients like I talk to myself. I'm my ideal client. My girlfriends and female colleagues, they are my ideal client.

Leaders, achievers, high-flyers, go-getters.

"There's gotta be a better way."

Reach higher, dig deeper.

They all have plenty of money to spend on themselves, on fun, and on others. They can commit to pay for the things they really want. I want those females that WANT to spend money on their development.

They have partners, they travel, they are making that jump to mid-career. 10 years in, maybe they commit, maybe they need to make a change. Either way, they have that early to mid-thirties high stakes reflections and problems going on. They are making big decisions about life, family and career. They may be having high stakes reflections about decisions they've made in the past but no longer want to pursue (relationships, jobs, etc.). They have been successful in whatever role they've had, but they want to take it up a notch or they want to make a change and not quite sure what that is.

I also have a heart for early career. It's what I love the college age. So, early to mid-career or any woman going through high stakes reflections. I would say 40-45 or younger? I don't really connect with those above 50 for sure. The problems are different.

This woman wants a mentor that pushes her to be her best, most authentic version of herself. She wants to be surrounded by other women that celebrate each other's successes.

Their problems

What I’ve always wanted: a mentor that truly saw me and invested in my highest potential

To be surrounded by women that cheered my successes rather than being threatened by my triumphs (so hard to find)

That’s the FB group, that’s the retreat: women who cheer for each other’s success

  • I am a new leader or want to prepare myself to lead. I need a foundation and a beginning to self-awareness. (And a little encouragement that I’m capable!). I need you to tell me that I can do this, I can be a leader. I’m not an imposter, I’m born for this. I’ve never really thought about my values and how that impacts leadership. 

  • I am a business owner, lawyer, doctor, or entrepreneur that has always been a go-getter but do not have experience or much training in leading others. I now own my own business or practice, and I need help leading and inspiring my staff to reach as high and dig as deep as I do.

  • I need to learn foundations of emotional intelligence, values, inspiring others, communicating vision. I need to learn more self-awareness and how it impacts those I lead. I need more awareness of how my values impact others.


  • I am a current leader navigating new challenges and difficult decisions that do not have clear answers or paths. Where’s the guidebook that tells me exactly what to do? No matter what direction I go or what decision I make, someone will be upset or will criticize me or will misunderstand me.

  • I am a current leader navigating new challenges and difficult decisions that do not have clear answers or paths. Where’s the guidebook that tells me exactly what to do? No matter what direction I go or what decision I make, someone will be upset or will criticize me or will misunderstand me.

  • I'm an ambitious professional and I'm burnt out and exhausted from my own drive for achievement. I know I need to set boundaries, but don't know where to start. I need support and coaching on my values, boundaries and assertiveness. I need some compassion and some general “you can do it!” as I work through a process that will inevitably require some conflict to succeed.

  • I need some compassion and some general “you can do it!” as I work through my obstacles.

  • I need to learn how to coach from my values and intuition and trust my body compass. I need to learn how to set boundaries of what I can and can’t offer as a leader. I need to learn that disappointing people is unavoidable, but disappointing myself is a choice. I’m my team’s best resource, so the best way to serve my people is to take care of me and trust me.


Leadership Evolved Package

  • I might need to learn how to be more compassionate…maybe my challenge is a result of being too harsh and not thoughtful enough. Maybe I’ve gotten some tough feedback on my leadership style and I want to get better.


  • I am an aspiring leader. I want to prepare for whatever might come my way and be as skilled as I can be.

  • I am a job seeker. I haven't found my ideal job or career yet and I can't quite put my finger on what that is. I need help getting crystal clear about my values, my needs, my unique genius, and how to find work that aligns with my authentic me.


  • I am a current leader that needs to hire. I need to learn how to hire for my values and what behaviors I want to see in my organization. I need to reflect on my non-negotiables and how I find that in the interview process. 

  • How do I keep hiring people that don't work out? I seem to keep hiring folks that are great on paper and in the interview but then just aren't a fit in the end. I need to learn my non-negotiables in my employees. I need to learn how to hire for my values. I might even need to learn what my values are. I might have never considered I could hire for values.

  • I am a current leader that needs to fire someone. I need validation for my values, a non-biased sounding board to check my own biases. I need to make sure I’ve checked all my boxes and have done everything I could before I proceed.


Leadership Looking

  • I am applying for a leadership position. I need to practice interviewing, get clear with my non-negotiables and values, and get prepared for the interview process in general. I need some confidence boost and encouragement to be myself and trust my values.


My voice: empathy, cheerleading, compassionate honesty. 



Sometimes life is a little messy. Leadership has its messy moments. There is no clear right or wrong, the stakes are high, and emotions cloud any chance at clarity. I’m here to help you find the truth in leadership’s messiest moments.

1:1 Success Coaching


The definition of success is unique to each of us. Sometimes, it's surprisingly difficult to determine a clear and specific bottom line in what we need to lead, live, and love to the fullest. Using her empathy superpower, Whitney helps clients to identify what they really want more of, what success skills to develop to get there, and how to clear obstacles that get in the way. When we find intense clarity in what success means for us and work to manifest it, we live with more energy, connection and personal power. Offered virtually via Zoom.

Time: 1 hour/session

Investment: $150/session 

Includes free 30-minute client intake.